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July 10th, 2009

Page 99

And Goner’s ok, perhaps a bit singed.  One of these days, P is going to choke; hopefully Gimp knows the Heimlich.

Today’s vote incentive is another detail from the back cover of the new book, pre-orders available now through DMF publishing.


  1. Bosn C Otter

    hee hee “just stay away from the lions” I could just imagine the lions, “humm, tender, pre-cooked, well seasoned, a little too much Garlic but all wrapped up ready to eat”

  2. Mikey


  3. Jesse

    I just started reading, and I LOVE this comic! There were times (like when evil dropped the voodoo doll) I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Keep up the good work, and congrats on Li’l Sam.

  4. Appel

    prozak downing the whole bottle and STILL being mad is pretty funny^^ he must be REALLY pissed X3
    and good thing i didnt see this on friday… i couldnt wait a whole weekend to see how it goes on! :O

  5. Blue Raven

    >Death Bear cures Evil Bear’s sinus headache…with death….AND CAKE….BUT MOSTLY DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Evil really should’ve ordered the chicken.

  6. McSteel

    Evil is so busted… xD

  7. rubberbend

    oh wow….
    i love that last panel though, can I put it in the iPod?

  8. admin

    @ Mr. Giggles: The comic updates every Monday/Friday. I’m not sure what you mean about putting in your name? Is that for the comment field? Then that’s a Comicpress thing I can’t change.
    @ Atomic-hew: lol… I don’t think I have a favorite page myself!
    @ Aevvea: that should be doable.
    @ Jesse: Welcome to BN! And thanks for the Sammy congrats :)
    @ rubberbend: Sure!

  9. Nekette

    Homigawd, I can’t wait for Monday to be here already! D: I’ve reread this comic about six or seven times. I WANT AN EVIL BEAR PLUSHIE! That would pwnz even more than my Richard from LFG doll! I -love- this comic so much. And can’t wait for Evil to be made in plushie form with his cute li’l horns and big ol’ eyes… I have an actual care bear (a gift) he could torment. =x

  10. a person

    crack is just following his orders so he doesnt get beat up or killed i bet…

  11. Dorks of hazzard

    Uh OH is that good killing evil what if something ells is in side evil and it breaks free like a HELL SPAWN! That would be awesome. Don’t fuck with lucifer’s care bear

  12. Lynny

    Prozac bear is just guzzling down them pills. Those first row of panels are hilarious!

  13. RagingDragon

    I’m impressed how calm (Well, calm-ish…) Crack is. ^w^ Also, Death owns. X3

  14. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    Compared to Evil’s voodoo incident, I’d say Prozac took this very well. I was expecting him to go completely ballistic.


    WOOOOO!!! Thats’ how to take care of things. Go Death!

  16. reccaman

    death touch to the eyes ouch!

  17. Kitsunekage

    Stupide Evil, no body can run from Death itself!

  18. NamiOkami

    is that legal to take that many pills

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