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July 6th, 2009

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Poor Goner :)

Thanks again to everyone for the comments and emails about Sam, they’re greatly appreciated!  I also spent most of the last three days sitting on the couch with my drawing board and my feet elevated and I can now see my ankles once again :)  At least until the next heat wave…

Since we didn’t have a Saturday update, today’s vote incentive is a Happy Independence Day pic for everyone who celebrates July 4th… I still can’t believe it’s July already.


  1. Tyron E

    I’ll be glad when july,august,and september will over! Too hot! YAY FOR ANTI SOCIAL EVIL! Amazing how Evil can respond to a question and give a simple nonemotional answer and continue on like no one was there! It looks like Prozac gonna squeeze his head till it burst in the last panels!

  2. Heart of Blades

    Woo-hoo! Volume 2! Wow, talk about a classic response on Evil’s part. “What are you doing!?” “…nothing.” Lol, I love it. Poor Goner is an understatement….maybe Prozac will rescue him.

  3. machchunk

    Boy, that was getting a bit morbid. Good to see the kid’s still alive.

  4. G-ret

    You can tell evil knows what’s comin in the last 2 panels >:D

  5. Kilkakon

    Maybe we get to see big bad Prozac again? :D

  6. Melion

    Garlic…… or Oregano?

  7. Ana

    Seems that finally we will see how the heck that bear turned so odd, XD!

  8. sandy kilo

    evil should undressed he boy, he will have a bad taste ^^

  9. Kilkakon

    @sandy kilo
    Maybe he’s a little like Tanked? :D

  10. Samus x

    XDD ahahaa oh snap. Evil is just awsome xD he still turning the kid around on the fire while prozac freaking out. i hope the kid gets away some time soon though he seems pretty knocked out =0!

  11. walabane

    haha awesome prozac dosent even know what to say

  12. Bosn C Otter

    See, now its just getting stupid. That what I have about comics, they follow a storyline until they run out of material so they just start making stuff up. Christ, everyone knows that when your cooking little boys you DO NOT use garlic or oregano. You use Thyme and cover the entire child with grated orange peel.

  13. El Hombre Malo

    Never use Oregano when roasting until the meat is crispy. Start with the garlic and wait until the kids fat starts to drip.

    ¿What? whats good for lamb must be good for a kid.

  14. Broodmaster

    hhhhmmm….. Open flame rotisserie, I think I would go with Oregano, especially if those are seasoned logs.

  15. Kenichi340

    Haha, Prozac’s freaking out. Evil just KNOWS that he’s going to get severely hurt if he doesn’t return the kid back to where he belongs.

  16. Glowworm

    “He also had an unhealthy fascination with fire.” XD I also love how Evil continues to crank the kid over the fire despite being discovered.

  17. Unusual

    lol Like he thinks Prozac will just go away. Although our dogs do the same thing; you catch them in the garbage and they’ll do that little ‘it wasn’t me’ gesture (ears back, eyes wide, big smile) and continue to chew on their garbage prize. The vote incentive is cute XD Evil’s not being mean, just resourceful! They needed a white bear.

  18. Mickel

    Just keep spinning the kid, Prozac will surely calm down.

  19. admin

    Ha! You guys are all schooling me on rotisserie etiquette! Can you tell that my husband does all the cooking? :)

  20. Tonka

    What I love about this comic, besides it’s educational nature (proper grilling technique, care and feeding of animals, dangers of controlled substances), is the consistantly high quality of the art, dialouge and story. There are very few webcomics that can compare.

  21. Tinna

    Someone please get the kid off the spit it’s killing me >.< Evil is not my favorite character I really don’t work well with those kinds but for the sake of the other bears I just want to see that Evil gets put in time out for once and learns a lesson! It’s okay to be evil, but he’s taking it too far and putting the other bears at risk. After all that work he did in previous chapters to get back in good with the others he’s BLOWING IT all over again! Evil is a good scape goat character, but I don’t think his behavior will last him long in the long hall he’s going to end up thrown out at this point =(

  22. Unusual

    I just noticed the flag in the VI is backwards. Maybe Tanked made it ^^

  23. Gaara1357

    notice prozac’s ears pop out…i am 99.9999999% sure we get to see mad prozac the other 0.0000001% is that we will see him turn into a bunny…

  24. poco

    Garlic, definitely garlic. Evil’s expressions in the last two panels are hilarious.

  25. Lom

    Love the incentive. Made me laugh. ^_^

  26. Fen

    I noticed the few unidentified bears in a pic somewhere on the website.. 2 looking female, and 2 others i think.. When, and do they at all, make an appearace? Having female bears in would make things very interesting.

  27. xxmilesxx

    Evil the pedophile >.>

  28. Ozma

    I hope your baby is healthy and safe!

    That poor kid. His parents will never find his remains.

  29. £Ø§Ð

    I Like How He Keeps Squeezing His Head…

  30. Evil2.0

    Woo, pyro!!
    I see Evils hunger has effectively killed his fear of what Prozac has to say, suprising how hunger makes you do anything…almost anyway.
    Evil looks so tired in the last panel, poor thing
    @xxmilesxx, Evils gonna eat him not raep him so he is not a pedophile

  31. Sneakybutler

    WOOT I”M BACK. yeah tell me about the heat I’m a weather guy and I can’t believe it FOOTBALL TWO A DAYS ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. And then the season begins and I have a year and a half of straight school at drexel. no summer…T-T. none the less I have my web comics and cooking to help me survive. BTW fourth of July I cooked. anow I brag. 7.5 hours of slow smoked pulled pork oin the somker (sorry veggies) not one nopt two but three homemade BBQ sauces I’m taking to competition if possible. and a triple bery crunch for dessert with Longacre’s Ice cream. party well HAPPPY BELATED FOURTH.!!!11

  32. Sneakybutler

    Oh and My aunt and uncle just aquired a juvenile as well. Good Luck with the wee one. you’ll need it. :)

  33. Saccharidicule

    Prozac’s face in…panel 8, is it?… is my favorite so far. :D

  34. corrupted smile

    of coure he yells what are you doing… your supposed to use garlic

  35. Tony

    In general, freaking out Prozac always seems to be a very bad tactic.

  36. ChibiEmiAlvi

    First; late congratulations for the baby. :D

    Second; Ahh, I love how Prozac’s expression becomes more and more devious in the last panels xD Also, I like how Evil in the 8th panel is all like “think fast, think fast, think fast!”, hahah~

    Good job as always. n_n

  37. String Petoun Ping

    @Tinna While I have no hate for evil, I agree that this not the greatest idea he had. If he really need no friends or companionship, while we even had the chapter 6? To me Evil look like a addict to evil. You know like this smoker that stop it a thousand of time only to get back their bad habits few weeks later. Anyway, the kid will fall soon. It’s a question of time before the flame licks the ropes and burn them. He should have sharpened the end of the spit and insert it inside the kid. You had to kill it anyway. Also, paprika should fit better that oregano or garlic.

  38. Rawr

    lol i love evils expression in the last two panels :3


    I think it’s best just to leave Evil be

  40. PTM


  41. la

    hollllyyy… xD
    “Nothing…” ….. *rotates meat*

  42. la

    Doublepost, but I must add I ADORE the child’s expressions. x3 <333333

  43. Blarg

    Wouldn’t he lack sympathy, not empathy, since empathy is a lack of care?
    Grammar fail.

  44. Anaiyah

    I swear Evil comes up with the best excuses

  45. Icantseethesun!

    Hey in the last few panels you can see Prozac’s brain exploding

  46. Skykitsune

    Nothing. *Crank crank*

  47. Kitsunekage

    And now back to: Cooking with Evil

    “Remember: When adding spice to your child, turn the spit so that the child gets an even coating. Make sure that the child is gagged to prevent screaming. Also, it is a good idea to remove all of the hair, or it will create a lasting oder that can kill appitites. Then, keep cranking the child around untill it is a nice golden brown. Heres one I prepared earlier <3”

    Sometimes, I scare myself…..

  48. Solario the Visored

    Evil’s five rules of doing evil:
    1. Have Fun
    2. Deny
    3. Deny
    4. Deny
    5. Deny

  49. Jupi

    I love Evil’s expression in the second to last panel.

  50. Nila

    Evil has come a long way since way back here.

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