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July 3rd, 2009

Page 97

And so ends the last arc of book one, 104 pages total.  I still can’t believe I’ve drawn that many so far considering the comic is generally only squeezed into the little time I can find once work gets done first.  Evil is of course going to get himself into some trouble, again, but the next couple arcs will be fun as I get to explore the origin of Evil… and then a Death bear arc-I promise! :)

Today’s vote incentive is the logo for a new project I’ve been working on recently.  Some of you might know I also work at a martial arts dojo teaching jiu-jitsu and kickboxing to kids and adults.  Working with kids is so much fun and my co-workers are all awesome so I’ve been doing that for about 8 or 9 years now.  We have found a lack of cool MA gear for kids so we’ve been working on a site where we can eventually sell t-shirts and stuff (guess who’s responsible for the art side of it).

You can check out the site, there’s lots of cool art and retention tools for dojo owners.  We’ll also have custom art available. (guess who’s responsible for that too :)


  1. starlac

    Congrats on reaching the end of book one, looking forward to two :)

    Aww, Gay looks so adorable in his hat, scarf and shirt.
    I wouldn’t want to be Evil right how, especially if Prozac forgets his pill bottle, the fur’ll fly.

  2. Beary

    Whoo Awesome. :D I do ju-jutsu myself and it’s a great martial art. And congrats on reaching the end of book one as well. :)

  3. Heart of Blades

    Whoa, Prozac looks pissed, Evil better look out. Awww, silly little Tanked…is it just me or is he always eating Gay’s cloths, lol

  4. machchunk

    How is it so automatic at the very beginning of each day? I’m fascinated by that alone.

    And do I see another Rage Prozac strip coming up?

  5. Tyron E

    Gay is looking sharp! @_@ How can a bear have such great taste in clothes? Even though that dress he has on the clothes line last week was soo 80’s. Prozac looks to be unamused about the whole issue and even more so at whatever Nerd is trying to say! He knows Evil had something to do with it! Tanked short attention span is crazy! :)

  6. Olivebates

    Lol, Prozac is staring at Gays ass in the first panel xD

  7. Unusual

    Oh yeah… purple is SO Gay’s color. He looks fab! And lol at Lech being creeped out by the frilly shirt. Awesome logo! :) The blonde one looks a bit like an older version of ‘Goner’ … gasp! Maybe it wasn’t too late to save him.

  8. Manuvolk

    I love Bear Nuts , it makes my day happy again, and I love the Expresion of Prozac “Evil….” in the last box. Awesome… Keep the good work and congrats for your baby comming!!!

  9. Dis Astrum

    okay, so first you write and draw an awesome comic, now we find out that you teach martial arts… TRANSLATION: you are one kicka– chica!

    cool logo, and tanked is hilarious in this one. Does he have ADD? or is he just out of his mind?

  10. Evil2.0

    Lol at Gay bears cute outfit and Lech’s response to the flower shirt.
    Don’t forget a Gimp arc.
    And don’t let Evil get in too much trouble
    Am dying to see more of him….and death…and gimp…and gay…and the rest

  11. Squival

    Tanked’s expression on that final panel is brilliant xD

  12. Maha Panta

    Does Tanked ever talk outside his hallucinations?

    BTW, this is the same Maha Panta as the one on DA, did you get my comment about Tanked reminding me of “The Most interesting Man in the World”?

  13. Dorks of hazzard

    Fave bear is EEEEEEEVVVIIIIIIIILLLl! OH! Wait then there’s death bear who i can relate to hmmmmmmmmmm?

  14. Q.

    I’m surprised no one talked about Lech’s suspicious look to the little dress, that personnally made me lol XD

  15. TaishiOujo

    Juuust a tiny comment… If Lech and Tanked walked up with the tasty flower dress on their right side, why did Tanked go off to his left side to eat it? o.o;; I’m just not sure how that worked. Lol.

  16. poco

    Love it! I was pointed to this strip about a week ago and I’ve already read through the archives twice and pre-ordered the book. I adore Nerd and Gimpy (I can’t decide which is my favorite) and Tanked’s expressions are priceless. Thanks for the awesome strip!

  17. Kaos

    Prozac looks like he is wondering if he has to slap Gay to be so damned silly. xD
    Gay only wants to look good. but.. hmmm again he is a bear and lives in a zoo.. So who is he really trying to impress? Hmm. xD

    Poor Nerd..

  18. AndyCarolan

    Brilliant, love it….. just looking to see if your book can be shipped to the UK, looks superb.

    Tanked has to be my fave bear of all time :D

  19. machchunk

    I also noticed that Prozac’s expression in panel 2 and Lech’s in panel 3 are almost exactly the same. Getting a little lazy there? ;)

  20. xxmilesxx

    i was thinking that evil was going to turn into a pedophile.

  21. G-ret

    Awww, I want a imp arc! Congrats on the book finale! So i’m guessing the toddler is bear chow now?

  22. Leak

    @xxmilesxx: If Evil wants to eat kids I don’t think it counts as pedophilia… and what’s a starving bear to do? :D

    np: Silkie – Dam 4 (Soul Jazz Records Singles 2008-2009 (Disc 3))

  23. gridsleep

    I understand Lech being annoyed by the girly girl blouse, but what is with Tanked? Is he having a sudden infantile mommy moment? Unless that blouse smells of beer (which it doesn’t being freshly laundered) then why is he suddenly teething on it? Sorry, I don’t get the joke. BN is good as always. I’m probably being a bit dim.

  24. Unusual

    gridsleep: Tanked just misunderstood Gay when he said his clothes collection is ‘absolutely delicious!’ … Or maybe the shirt is Gucci, Tanked apparently likes the taste of that brand.

  25. Evil2.0

    Whoa….wait I just realized lech was being nice to nerd….kinda….that was inexpected and overlooked


    I don’t think i’ll ever get sick of Tanked

  27. EJAK5199

    HA! Panel 6 :D

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