Happy Canada Day!
July 1st, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Holiday Wednesday to everyone applicable!  I get tonight off, but it’s weird not getting a long weekend this year.

Unfortunately, this will be the last Wednesday update for Bear Nuts for awhile and this is why:

Thanks to the tiredness, headaches, and swollen feet and ankles (oh my God, are they ever grotesque) my productivity has slipped a little and I don’t see that improving any time soon (apparently babies cry frequently and need lots of attention…)  Sammy is due mid October and I still have another volume of ‘Faerie Path’ for Harper Collins ahead of me so things will be busy.  Bear Nuts will go back to a Monday/Friday update schedule for now and thus ends our convention trips for the near future EXCEPT for Toronto’s big Fan Expo at the end of August – TO peoples!  We’ll see you there! :D

Today’s vote incentive is another preview from comic 11, available only in Vol 1 of Bear Nuts!  Tanked demonstrates a brand new skill!


  1. Leak

    Gawd, I know it’s late, but still – I obviously meant to write “good luck”… *slaps himself with a trout*

  2. Adrian

    WOW, you finally did it! Well I mean, ah, you know, I look forward to seeing you again at the Fan Expo 2009, will you be there on Friday August 28, I will be doing 90% of all my shopping on that day and Bear Nuts is first on my list for the artist edition. Get off those feet and maybe we’ll see a new bear out of your new experience “PREG BEAR”?

  3. Kristen

    Holy Crow!!! CONGRATS!!! babies are so much fun and yeah they are a lot of work, but they are so worth it. I’m hoping to have my own children soon.

  4. Cam

    Happy Canada Day!! =D
    Too bad you’ll be too busy! D=

  5. Jaci

    Congrats! Being a new mother is the hardest thing in the world…and it starts right about where you are. You’ll realize you won’t, in fact, go insane at about month 3 of the squirt’s life, and you’ll remember to do your hair and match your clothes when the baby’s about 9 months. Life regains equilibrium at about…well…I haven’t found it yet. But I’m on baby #2, so it can’t be all that bad! Enjoy your new adventure!

  6. Rawr

    hurrah! your awesome, your Canadian and a (soon to be if sam is your first) mother as well as the maker of the best webcomic on earth. I wish I was as awesome as you @_______________@

  7. MugMug

    Congratulations on the baby. Beautiful picture!

  8. Gottmorder

    Tanked is being cute as always. Good work and happy Canada Day (probably a little late) but still, Happy Canada Day. I hope your bundle of joy doesn’t turn out too mischievious, as my 4 year old nephew is. Congratulations

  9. CeruleanSin

    A baby! YAY!! **Applauds** Don’t worry about losing an update, we’ll all be just peachy. So omg, do random people come up to you and wanna rub the belly?? My sis-in-law got that ALL THE TIME when she was preggers. She actually snarled at one woman, it was awesome. ^.^ If you do somethin like that, you totally hafta tell us the story, that would rock SO hard!!

  10. Kookaburra8su

    I shall stare into the crystal ball.

    With baby, a life that’s new.
    Tiredness, Nappies and Ewwe…!!!
    Agony, Relief and Awe…
    Source material and more…!

    As Sammy gets older, you’ll be able to rank his development according to Bears. At birth, Tanked. Terrible two’s, Evil. Etc…


    PS, I’d really appreciate the beer, stuffed goose and beaver on the spit. Happy Canada Day!

  11. Peach

    I’d buy some BearNuts plushies. Death and Gimp probably are the two I’d want most. :P

    Grats on the bun in the oven. ^_^

  12. iggy

    noooo u got a baby evil in ur belly!!!

    he he, gl with the baby

  13. Meg-Meg

    Is Crack afraid of geese? I’m terrified of the buggers!!!

    Also: Yay for babies.

  14. Pan

    Yay Canada Day! <3 Cute little beaver… But really Labbatt? Molson, I say, Molson!

    On a side note, you’re catching up to me! *sits around, currently overdue, at 41weeks, 4 days* :P

  15. Shivers

    So, um.

    First of all. Massive congrats on the littleun. (I’m more than a little jealous, actually.)

    Also, I somehow didn’t think you were in Canada, much less in (or near, possibly) Toronto. *Waves hi from north end of same* I’ll look for you at the expo provided I go!

  16. Toshi

    Ever see the talking beaver? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sekLEG8xsOs

  17. Angkochan

    Awww, grats on your baby! mine is only four weeks away now, so I feel for you in the tired, headache, and swelling department… Oh and the lack of productivity, though mine just fell off the chart altogether and yours is only cutting you back a bit. XD

  18. Kate

    Damn you and your unisex names.

  19. ELVISP


  20. Labmouse

    Heartfelt congratulations on your new “little project”! Don’t worry too much about the updates. Just keep bringing beautiful, funny, and somewhat twisted things into the world; you’re making it a better place for all of us. You’ve got plenty of creative energy, and I can tell you’ll be a great mommy.


    So now I only get two servings of Bear nuts cuz your getting fat

  22. Cath Drwg



    HAPPY CANADA DAY! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I hope the baby is doing well. Keep it up.

  24. TBman256

    maybe you should have given evil a hakapic and a seal pup instead of a flag and a beaver.

  25. BiteSizeSamurai

    ZWHOA, congrats! And yay! October=best month ever.

  26. Anaiyah

    just cuz your gaining weight doesn’t mean u should post pone the comic

  27. kat


  28. Kat

    OMg!!! My three fav. chars put into one picture! This must be my lucky day!!!

  29. sneakers

    I know it’s a lotta late, but congratulations!

  30. Mvilu Uatusun

    So, Sam is about 9 by now. Do you have problems keeping up with him (her?)?

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