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June 29th, 2009

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Gay has a nasty habit of lifting items he likes from the zoo staff’s changing room; it’s not like those pants will even fit his stubby bear legs… but they are dark wash and therefore trendy (too much “What Not to Wear”!!)

Today’s vote incentive is another detail from the back cover of Bear Nuts vol 1 (now in pre-orders!) Even Death came out to play!…. sort of.

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  1. Wolfen

    Ouch… that fall is going to leave a mark…

  2. Unusual

    Awww but he’d look so cute in the dress! :)

  3. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    …He…slipped…off the branch…
    No offense, but couldn’t you have thought of something funnier to happen to Nerd Bear?

  4. Tyron E

    @Unusual Wouldn’t he? He is such a little ray of sunshine! :)
    My siblings made my skin craw when they had that same look as Nerd in panel 1! They would say the exact same thing! (i would too when I got the chance.) Nerd looks smart,but not that smart! Do Bears land on all fours when they fall? That’s what inquirering minds like to know! Gay has that “kick ass” hair style! He can cut those pant legs short! He’ll look like Snow White in that dress?! Don’t upset Gay in panel7 Prozac! Gay should be happy being a bare bear! It’s cheaper and he could dye his fur!

  5. Tyron E

    It seems like it’s the first time I ever seen the pink skin inside Gay’s ear like the other bears. He always keep them fold back. Prozac could’ve got jumped on at that point!

  6. Bayleaf

    Absolutely loving Gay’s facial expression in the last but one panel!

  7. Robyn

    The look of triumph on Evil’s face after Nerd falls is great! So adorable!

  8. Azmeth

    Somebody totaly called it

    June 26th, 2009 at 2:28 am
    i hope he eats the kid,and i can also see nerd falling off as he is walking,lol

  9. Leak

    Ummm… am I the only one who at first suspected Gay’s clothes to be the sole remains of Evil’s previous prey? :D

  10. Ari

    @ Leak – No. Not at all. I started wondering if in exchange for keeping quiet about the ‘hunting,’ Gay got souveniers….

  11. Evil2.0

    Nerd deserved to slip, he’s been tattling too much, karma my friend..hates him
    Evil better hurry up and eat, he’s gonna run outta time
    I think the hat and the scarf would look well on most of the bears, Oh god now I’m doing it
    Why is there a dress? Has he worn the dress? Will Nerd fall into the dress?…. we will see

  12. Mickel

    Mmmm BBQ Sauce. Time for Evil to whip out the grill.

  13. Glowworm

    Poor Goner… (my name for the blonde kid Evil wants to eat)

  14. Heart of Blades

    Wow, Nerd, you got owned and Evil didn’t even have to touch you. Shouldn’t be climbing trees with out your glasses my friend. And look at you Gay, being a little theft! Oh well, it is a nice cloths collection, lol

  15. Phillyzero

    BBQ Children…I’m ready for a taste!

  16. a_person

    haha a dress…and a clothes collection, i bet something will happen to it later and gay will get pissed…time will only tell

  17. RagingDragon

    Oh, the madness! X3

  18. John

    Why shouldn’t he be climbing trees without his glasses? As far as I can tell, he’s farsighted and mainly uses them to read.

  19. Unusual XD …

  20. Samus x

    XD i fear for the poor kid still in the bag. >> evil might get away with eating him now xD!

  21. admin

    @ Unusual: That’s awesome! Well done my friend :D
    @ Who I am…: I kind liked the idea of Nerd taking him self out, karma.
    @ Leak: Now that’s a dark view! I like it.
    @ Glowworm: ha! Now Goner just needs a last name :)

  22. Xu-kitty

    Is…. is Gay collecting the clothing of kids Evil has eaten….? o_o;;;;

  23. G-ret

    methinks nerd is going to fall on gay or prozac, or on the clothes maybe :P

  24. John

    Goner McGee. Has a nice ring to it.

  25. John

    Or… Goner is his last name… His first is Tasty. Tasty Goner.

  26. Little Raincloud

    As much as it pains me to add a ray of insight here… can anyone else imagine what the zoo would do to the bears if they discovered Evil was trying to eat children?

    Obnoxious children are a staple of the zoo’s entry fee. Without them, most adults wouldn’t come to such a low-maintenance zoo. Eventually the zoo would be forced to shut down unless they dealt with the problem directly.

    Either way, those bears would be going back to the wild, or worse. A fate it seems, that they regard as truly terrifying.

    Obviously Evil doesn’t care; but then, he is evil.

  27. Leak

    Goner W. Onions? :D

  28. Unusual

    Thanks ^__^

  29. Scruffy

    You’re right, if the zookeepers find out evil is trying to eat children… which means the child is now both witness and evidence… secrets in the sauce.

  30. John

    I’m still wondering if Goner is dead / unconscious / alive at this point.

  31. Rawr

    OMG that boy is totally eaten XD Seriously this needs to be made into a tv show <.<

  32. Jamie

    Lol, I thought for sure Evil was going to throw the salt and pepper at him, haha. Can’t wait for the next comic

  33. bearnecessity

    woah, i dont know if i can keep reading if evil eats a kid. carma should be after him not nerd. and will gay ever embrace the feminine in the closet side we all know he has?


    If Gay doesn’t wear the clothes then why does he need to wash them? One of lifes greatest mysteries.

  35. Lax

    Woah, that was quite surprising! I was expecting evil to silence nerd :D

  36. Yaoi bear

    might i ask, why does Gay have a purple dress?

  37. JS


    “might i ask, why does Gay have a purple dress?”

    A blue one would clash with his purse and a red one just screams “whore”. Duh!

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