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June 26th, 2009

Page 95

Poor cute little blond kid, so easily led astray… he should have one of those toddler leashes, those are hilarious. Half the time I see those, the kids look so annoyed, and the rest are oblivious.

BEAR NUTS VOL 1: THE BOOK OF PROZAC now available to PRE-ORDER! Head on over to DMF COMICS to check it out! :)
We have a regular edition and an artist’s edition that includes a sketch of your favorite bear from me. The book is due to ship on July 27th so anyone who pre-orders (either edition) gets a free sticker of their favorite bear as a thank you from us!
HOWEVER, there will be some advance copies available at the PUNCHBRAND booth at this year’s Anime Expo (July 2-5) in California!

Todays’ vote incentive is preview number 2 from comic 11 (wherein Lech loses the cone) available only in the 1st collected edition of BN!


  1. Jepix

    poor, kid… Poorkid… Porkid? Sounds delicious. Fried porkid…

  2. Anaiyah

    But cheeldren are delicious….

  3. Kitsunekage

    Evil looks so happy in panel 5….

  4. Jupi

    I thought he just wanted the ice cream! XD

  5. looc64

    But the kid likes bears… I mean, he hugged the teddy bear… He probably wants a bear friend…

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