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June 24th, 2009

Page 94

The end is nigh for cute little blond kid….

On Monday we finally moved over to our new URL:

Hopefully that’s a little easier to remember :)

BEAR NUTS VOL 1: THE BOOK OF PROZAC now available to PRE-ORDER! Head on over to DMF COMICS to check it out! :)
We have a regular edition and an artist’s edition that includes a sketch of your favorite bear from me. The book is due to ship on July 27th so anyone who pre-orders (either edition) gets a free sticker of their favorite bear as a thank you from us!
Today’s vote incentive is a detail from the back cover of BN vol 1, painted by my lovely husband Jim :)


  1. nobrain

    omg no not the cute kid!

    and is that crack bear in the pit XD The leaf is covering up his insignia =\

  2. mugiwara

    Wow! I’m sure after that, Crack will develop at least 4 new phobias!
    Hoping that something very bad happens to the brat… Don’t let me down, Evil!

  3. El Nerdo Loco

    Normally, I am opposed to eating children. But when the alternative is fish heads…

  4. Tyron E

    This page is just too ah maze ing! Evil is too serious about hobby! Now he’s a true preaditor! I would rather chew my own arm off too than suffer at the paws of Evil! He was mild,but now he’s truly living up to his name! I see he’s not trapping animals to eat,unless he’s that picky. You can still have fun with dead animals! Just ask my dogs! You pet owners know what I mean! Xp

  5. David (:

    Prozac’s gonna get really mad :B

  6. panda

    And i placed my pre-order! I can’t wait!! :D :D

    also… poor crack *hugs him*

  7. Tinna

    I can see someone getting transfered or put to sleep after this, but Evil is so popular I don’t see why you would do that. I really hope he fails.

  8. Somi

    my absolute favourite of this page is the 4th panel! xD i can imagine how evil felt: oh, gosh, stupid animals…xD

  9. IrishSlytherin

    Way to make Crack Bear more afraid of everything else!

  10. Unusual

    XD Aaand the happy is back. Evil’s really living up to his name this time… children being eaten? Oh yes. I approve. And although I doubt Prozac’ll let that happen… is it wrong to hope he does? XD

  11. Fanofbears

    I adore this comic. If I didn’t have money, and if I lived in canada, that would be SO worth buying. =D

  12. ChibiEmiAlvi

    HAHAHAH! Awesome page xD Is funny to see how Evil gets mad at the traps he actually builds up for enjoying others’ suffering. :P

    Now, I’m worried about the kid. But I don’t think Evil would eat him; after all, he knows that every animal that turns out a pain in the ass for the zoo keepers will run the same luck as Sloth Bear…

    … Because he KNOWS that, right?

    Anyway, keep up the good work~ And must say, your husband is awesome at painting. =)

  13. anon200

    mmm humans, the other other white meat!

  14. String Petoun Ping

    Evil can get away with this if he make disapear the evidence. There must be no left hair, no bone or no nail that the zookeepers can find.Also I vote that evil eat this kid, he deserve it.

  15. £Ø§Ð

    Uhhh… I Thought it Was Already… At Least That’s What My URL Bar Says… …odd…

  16. John

    Does anyone see the irony of a bear using a teddy bear to trap a human? Maybe that’s not irony… it’s… hmmm…

  17. Samus x

    XD hahaha oh man Evil is awsome for trying to trap some kid by using a teddy bear!!!

  18. Evil2.0

    * walks in muddy bloody and tired*

    Hi, I was working all day and I’m still too broke for the book, But I will get my paws on it one day.
    Hooray for moving,
    I’m sad that Evil is Unhappy
    I’m lowing where the next page is hopefully going…
    And Oh yes, who did he make the stuffed bear out of…*creepy smile*
    See ya friday *poof*

  19. Evil2.0

    Also I love the cover ur husbadn painted it’s adorable (there goes my rep)

  20. John

    Who? I think he found the bear in a trash bag in like comic 3 or something.

  21. G-ret

    I think i know whats next. Evil gets stopped by another bear, or he really just wants the icecream >:D

  22. G-man

    yes yes! eat the child, give in to the darkside its finally time for Evil to actually be well…..evil Mwhahahaha……….

  23. C'thulhu

    on a lighter note anybody like my new avatar?

  24. C'thulhu

    nice comic…….i vote Evil eats the child.

  25. Niateppelin

    Strange, I thought Evil would be going for the ice cream, but cute-blond-boy doesn’t have any. Maybe he’ll be used as bait for Evils traps, after all, human flesh is said to taste awful D:
    But then again, would Evil care/know about that…?

  26. G-ret

    Forgot to check the incentive, really good work on that, looks so peaceful and friendly :)

  27. Dorks of hazzard


  28. A_person

    lol crack is knocked out cold

  29. John

    You know… I never understood what that meant… Can you be knocked out hot?

  30. GBeans

    I thought maybe Evil would use the kid’s clothes as a disguise, rather than eat him. Maybe I’m too nice.

  31. John

    I have a feeling he genuinely wants to eat the kid. I personally am all for it, however, the most likely think that could happen would be someone interrupting him (Crack or Prozac Maybe).


    kids gonna die. Oh well

  33. Sean

    I only just found the new site! I follow webcomics using RSS — I read too damn many to bother clicking on hundreds (literally) of bookmarks when only a fraction of them update on any given day — and for all I could tell, you just stopped updating 3 months ago. Today it occurred to me, “hm, haven’t seen a Bear Nuts update in a long time, and it was always so punctual!” One last RSS post on the old feed would have been nice, to tell readers where to get the new one!

  34. mr fancy pants

    Gawd i hate kids

    who agrees? Please say so

  35. dffdtgutr

    Ha! funny!

  36. zombiematt

    Lol who was the greeen bear

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