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June 22nd, 2009

Page 93

Can you imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t touch anyone or anything without causing hurt or worse? Death must have quite the unique perspective on life…

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  1. Zat

    :P Poor death. He seems nice enough, just seems kinda depressed because well.. yea…

  2. Dryskle

    Why is Death killing Gay’s flowers as he feeds them D:?

  3. Heart of Blades

    LOL, poor Gay, the look on his face! That is priceless. I didn’t relive Death had a little mea n streak in him. As for Evil being cranky, I think I speak for everyone when I say….uh-oh

  4. starlac

    I don’t think Death is really intending to be mean, it doesn’t really fit in with his prior appearences; rather he’s wishing/hoping that at least one of the plants responds differently to his touch. Methinks he should invest in a pair of thick rubber gloves or similar and see if they allow him to touch life (i.e. like that Pushing Daisies thing).

    Nice comic btw.

  5. String Petoun Ping

    Death vs Evil staged fight must be really fun to see. It’s surprising that Evil is undefeated in hand-to-hand combat. Anyway, seems that every animal dumb enough to be caught by this traps are already be captured. He won’t be able to eat from them.

  6. Leak

    You probably should get your web-person(ae?) to redirect to the new URL… right now it’s a big, ol’ 404… ;)

  7. Amaranth Pink

    D poking flowers to death. Fabulous.


  8. Kenichi340

    God I love that panel where Death is touching that flower before it dies. It’s the expression on his face that makes me wanna look at that panel repeatedly.

    You can tell he must hate it how anything he touches dies/weakens.

  9. squeakybunny

    Death is pushing daisies?

  10. Squival

    lmao! The bird feeder with the razor blades is genius

  11. Mickel

    Who’s not grumpy when they’re hungry, I mean come on! lol

  12. Unusual

    Awwww. Your comic pages are usually funny and put me in a happeh mood for the rest of the day… but this one makes me sad. Poor Death Bear :( (although the bird feeder idea made me giggle.)

    But congrats on your new URL and pre-orders! :D Whooo

  13. Evil2.0

    I think Nerd’s done with trying to avoid Evil adn the stuff he throws, it’s easier to just accept having fish thrown at you.

    I feel slightly bad for Gay cuz his plants just died…..

    To the Death, WE’RE ALL CRANKY WHEN WERE HUNGRY, who do you think you are stating the obvious like that!!!….I haven’t had breakfast yet maybe I shouldn’t be posting this….eh, stuff will be going wrong by the next page.

    Yay, the books almost here!!

  14. Mark

    Well, I think King Midas wasn’t too happy with his lot – everything he touched turned to gold… Pretty similar situation to Death “causing hurt or worse”… :)

  15. Tyron E

    Alright! Congratulations on the new site that’s out of site! You think that Nerd would take his slop and run?! I like second servings of real food,but not that way! Evil is just plain hazardous! I would burst into tears if I was Death. :( Or just maybe his particular mood is causing that? Gay is a jack of all trades but a master of none!

  16. Octopus Pie

    Aww… poor Gay! He doesn’t quite seem to know whether to get angry or to leave it be! And as for Death Bear, I’m not sure whether he’s doing it because he’s depressed or because he wants to get Gay’s goat! (He strikes me as someone who would have a strange sense of humor!)

    YAY! BOOK PRE-ORDERS!! I just ordered the deluxe edition! I had a hard time deciding which characters I wanted for the sticker & sketch, but I’m happy with what I ended up choosing. (Tanked for the sketch & Death for the sticker.)

  17. Glowworm

    poor Death bear-he just doesn’t have a green thumb-more like the black plague thumb of death!

  18. Heartsong

    You know, I think Death and Gay could make a great gardening team. Death kills weeds and bad bugs and Gay tends the flowers. :3

  19. Heartsong

    And.. p.s. O.O There are stickers? \^_^/ You should totally make those available for sale. <..>

  20. Hazel

    So anything Death touches weakens/dies? But then what about the grass he’s sitting on? Wouldn’t that be dead too? If it’s just his hands or whatever, then he could always touch stuff with his feet if he really wanted to, right?

  21. G-ret

    Aww, poor lil’s flowers. And I see evil is up to his usual ways of trapping innocent creatures, too bad the cheese didn’t work, you think he would’ve caught a rat by now :P

  22. admin

    Death is basically just killing time… punny… and “Pushing Daisies” was awesome and I’m really sad that it got cancelled :(
    @ Leak: Fixed! It was apparently quite the pain to get everything moved.
    @ Unusual: Sorry :) The mood will lighten shortly.
    @ Tyron E: That’s a pretty accurate assessment of Gay!
    @ Octopus Pie: Yay! I’m happy when people have trouble deciding which character they like best :)
    @ Glowworm: lol… that pesky plague thumb!
    @ Heartsong: We’re definitely working on that.
    @ Hazel: Yep, it’s just his hands. I’ll have to get him some gloves… or oven mitts perhaps.

  23. John


  24. A person

    lol if prozac could see Evil now he would know hes trapping small animals

  25. Kaijufan43

    Poor death.. And i gotta say i cannot choose a favorite bear either. All have unique qualities that make them all likeable.. even Evil bear at times.

  26. OrbWeaver

    I think Evil is the cutest of the lot. As such, I enjoy plot lines in which Evil features. Just because he’s cute. Does this make me weird?

  27. John

    That’s just what they want you to think!

  28. John

    Honestly, I’d have to give the cutest award to either Tanked or Prozac. However, my favorites are Evil and Crack.

  29. Kaiiz

    Evil should just get Death to touch his dinner c:

  30. RagingDragon

    … I’m beginning to wonder why the other bears allow Evil outside… O.O;

  31. starlac


    I suppose if he’s outside bothering others, then he’s not inside bothering them, which would give them in general, and a few bears in particular, a brief respite. Or something. ;)

  32. Zelly

    I love the fish head in panel 2. I can just visualize its mouth popping open with a “BLEH” noise. XD

  33. Dorks of hazzard

    I see a lot of people saying poor death. Why? Death knows what he is he has accepted that. He is happy even though he dose not show it. Unless the writer desides other wise. Any ways are we gonna see evil the way i want to see evil. DEMONIC! :)……Probly not

  34. Bobgoober

    I think Death is actually a really cool guy. He’s just too powerful to form a close relationship.


    Poor birdies DX

  36. Kitsunekage

    I agree with starlac, but Death, of all bears, should know that repition of an action while expecting a different result is the first sign of insanity…… An Insane Death……. Well, that be good…

  37. Kitsunekage

    to cear up any confusion, i meant starlac’s first post!

  38. matt

    poor death how does he go to the bathroom

  39. DarknessShallFall

    LOL Evil needs a Snicker’s.

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