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June 19th, 2009

Page 92

Oh, oh. Evil’s getting upset…

We’re still working on getting the pre-orders ready for Bear Nuts vol. 1: The Book of Prozac (my web guy keeps going to cons while I get to sit at home :P ) I’ve been working on a new sticker set as a free gift for anyone who pre-orders as we don’t expect the books to get to us until July 20th at the earliest. So if you do pre-order, you get a 2 inch by 4 inch sticker of your favorite bear as a thank you from us. If you’ve seen the previous stickers at cons, this is a new set and today’s vote incentive is a sample of three of them.
BUT if you are able to go to Anime Expo in California the first weekend of July…I’m certainly not :( … DMF comics will have some advance copies of the book for sale! I believe there’ll be about 20 books available, just look for PUNCHBRAND’s booth in the dealer’s room.

I hope everyone has a good day and doesn’t have to eat something they don’t like… it causes irritability.


  1. A person

    Last panel is funny,tanked is so happy to see the fish heads again

  2. Who I am is My business, Staying out of my way is yours

    1st! BOO-YA!

    Aren’t the people who make the food supposed to check for chocking hazards in the food?

  3. John

    I’, still trying to figure out whats going on… Is evil happy or pissed to be getting fish heads?

  4. Peter!

    hehe I love Tanked =) First and second panels are my favourites. I just realized that (in the previous comic) Tanked gets his bib dirty before he even get a spoon.
    Also, I am very excited for the book! Plus free sticker equals AWESOME.


    I can’t believe Gay is serving the stuff up! With a smile at that! Evil is only being sarcastic Panel 5. Poor Tank,good thing Gay gave him a bib atleast. Don’t know the spoon. They must’ve pissed off Nerd, for he could’ve ordered some food! Nerds are you friends?! :)


    Fish Heads! Fish Heads! Eat them up…………YUM!

  7. Tremaine

    Fish heads are pretty good, if cooked right. Not that I’d know or anything.

  8. El Nerdo Loco

    Weird stuff alcohol. Too much of it destroys all appetite, but after just a few dozen drinks, even fish heads seem delicious!

  9. A person

    When prozac reached into his throat i can just hear his hand running through all kinds of stuff making those clanking sounds

  10. Kookaburra8su

    Awwhhh… look at Gimpy. Suffering for his supper. Even he’s worried about this one.

    on another note…

    Here cometh
    the breath
    of Death!

  11. Kitty_cat

    Haha, Service with a smile XD
    And the look on Tanked’s face when he gets the bowl again. But Gimp looks like he forgot to unzip his mask >.>

  12. Heart of Blades

    Ewww, I can’t believe they have to eat that crap. Poor guys. And poor little Gimpy! He looks so unhappy :(

  13. Ana

    Can I ask? How many pages will have the book and which chapters already released it includes?

  14. Glowworm

    Told you-Tanked would just forgo the silverware and eat out of the bowl like that! Heh-Loved Evil’s sarcasm.

  15. vwolfe

    Where do we preorder the book ??

  16. Kamino Neko

    But Gimp looks like he forgot to unzip his mask >.>

    Oh, thank the goddess I’m not the only one bugged a bit by that.

  17. Metal Bunny

    The last 5 panels are way too funny

  18. SimonKA

    I’ve only come across this comic today and ended up reading all the way through. I think I’ve found another webcomic to keep an eye on :]

  19. NekoNeko79

    Are you already taking pre-orders? I didn’t see a link anywhere for it… I want to own a set of Bear Nuts…

    Aww… Tank is so cute!

  20. admin

    @ John: Evil’s being sarcastic.
    @ Tremaine: Really? I’m just not a seafood fan in general (smelly!)
    @ A person: Ha! I like that. :)
    @ Ana: The book will be 114 pages and include all of the comics from 1-13 (13 having just started)
    @ SimonKA: Welcome to Bear Nuts! Sorry to lengthen your list :D
    And to everyone else curious about the book – pre-orders haven’t started yet but our web guy is working on it! The books should be here by the end of next month (they said July 2oth to be specific) so the pre-order time will be short. I’ll definitely let everyone know when we’re ready :D

  21. Anna

    If I’m thinking on purchasing this book, how much will it cost? Just curious..

  22. RagingDragon

    Looks like Gimpy doesn’t quite consider that slop worth unzipping for. :(

  23. Filippa-e

    Now I’ve read all pages and I LOVE your comic god it’s FUNNY and CUTE!!! :3
    nawww.. I think Tank is just so cute! feel so sorry for him that he’s not so smart as in his “dream” with the tea.. guess he lives in his own little world.. ^^

  24. garulfos

    How can I preorder? Or just plain order me some Bear Nuts? I would love to have a hardcopy of it…

  25. Min

    God..I love this comic soo much!
    The artist and writer is amazing.

  26. Evil2.0

    I feel an explosions in the near future….yay

  27. sandy kilo

    ahahaha tanked looks like a duck when prozac remove the fish head xD

  28. REREhe

    lol tank in 12th chanle loofs helearious!!!! 2nd or tankes top 5 funnyest pics ever. rofl tanked so far is my fave carater ;D rofl

  29. REREhe

    3rd funnyest pic is the last panlt he looks like hes constipated lol ;P i dont deleave after he chocked on that food hes over joyed to get more lol great comic best ive seen by far i beleave with a lot of work you can come up with lots of great ideas keep righting more helearious comis strips this 1 made me rofl for real XD and why would you slowllo sumthing that big XD i think you would feel it in your mought and know not to slowllo that XD well i geaus you should expect that frome tnked rofl

  30. REREhe

    axualy scratch that lol 12th one looks like hes constipated XD

  31. REREhe

    lol 1 more thing XD prozac is like not again! lol did this happen b4 O_o?!?!?!? he acualy choaked on fish bones b4 ?!?!?!?!? rofl i mean and he knows what to do in order lol tanked must chlak a lot maby death bear has a little geti force giong on here ;P lol XD

  32. Jan Jansen

    Tanked looks awesome in this strip.
    He’s based on Pike of ElfQuest, right?

  33. Anonymoose

    I’ve…. suddenly forgotten who this arch was focused on………. BACKTRACKING TIME

  34. Inyo

    I love the last panel with Tanked. He look’s so funny xD

  35. Doc

    All that vomiting cant be good for Tank’s esophagus, lol.

  36. Xu-kitty

    On the other hand, Evil’s question is a damned good one.

  37. £Ø§Ð

    …I Still Think Tanked Should Learn to Recycly His Food.


    Tanker, lol

  39. Martha

    And the score is in . . .
    Tanked: 1
    Civility in the face of food: 0

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