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June 17th, 2009

Page 91

Before anyone gets upset: there is a Death Bear arc coming! I promise! And a Gimp arc is written too… but this comic leads into what will be book 2… and book 2 is all about Evil :)

An awesome BN friend has started a Facebook page for the comic – thanks Veronica! – so if you’d like to check it out you can find it here. We’ll try to keep an eye on it every week so if you have questions about BN or fan art, feel free to post them there. Once we switch the site to it’s new home, I’d like to eventually add a fanart page and perhaps an FAQ if there’s enough questions that people want answers to :)

And to any animators (or animation lovers) Animation Magazine is running it’s annual Pitch Party contest wherein you get to pitch your show idea in an ad in the mag and industry people will vote on which ones they like best. It’s a little bit of exposure and the chance to pitch your show in person if you get first place. There’s also a people’s choice award so I encourage everyone to check it out: there’s some fun new show ideas in there and you never know, maybe one will get picked up. My friend Chris has a pitch in this year’s competition (art by me) so if you like his idea please feel free to vote for it, and if not, please vote for your favorite!

Today’s vote incentive is a preview from comic 11 (the one where Lech’s cone comes off) available only in the 1st collected edition of BN which is coming out this July, more info to come…


  1. D4rkLigh7

    I have a feeling Tanked is going to eat the spoon with the soup and possibly the bowl as well.

  2. captain bacon

    tanked + food = mess of epic proportions , lets see oxyclean get that mess cleaned billy mays!


    GO GAY! GO GAY!(wait,that don’t sound right) Oh well,Gay is more civilized than all of them! (excepted the time he explained how corn is undigestable) Table manners are very important. But Gay’s efforts may go in vain. We’re talking about Tank here! Do anybody remember the Fish Head song from the early 80’s? Fish heads Fish Heads! Rollie pollie fish heads. Fish Heads Fish Heads! Eat them up,yum!……… Thanks for spwaning a fond child hood memory.

  4. Unusual

    Teaching Tanked manners… yeeaaah I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s a lost cause lol. Although as we seen in chapter 8, Tanked has better manners (in his mind) than G-bear will ever have. Hmph. (But eewww what was on Tanked’s paw? XD )

    Also my inner creepy fangirl says YAAAAY Gimp arc! :D And although I can’t imagine what it might be about, I don’t really care. It’s Gimpy.

  5. Eric

    Panel 6 is hysterical.

    I love the comic. Keep up the great work.

  6. Glowworm

    Teaching Tanked manners is like teaching Cookie Monster manners-both are pointless and are just going to end with both eating without the utensils.

  7. essej

    Woot! I’ve been waiting for more Death Bear :D

  8. Oddiccus

    Yiipppee! Can’t wait for Death Bear!

  9. Evil2.0

    It’s about time those two got some recognition, especially gimp.

    and Thank you for making the second book all about my favorite evil bear ( were talking about the entire book right front to back?)

    And I wish Gay bear luck in the near future and hope he has an umbrella on hand

  10. Somi

    You never been thinking about realising Bear Nuts in a whole magazine or what? I would buy it. ^^
    Yay, Tanked!! xD I love the faces you give him. Keep up the great work!

  11. Somi

    *publishing, not realising. xD im reading. XD

  12. TYRONE

    Even if was bear and as hungry as one. I could’nt eat that! And i’m surprised someone Gay is even near it!
    @unusual I forgot Tank had the Top Hat, vest,and all! Too bad it was just in his mind! :(

  13. squeakybunny

    @Tyrone: “Fish Heads” was the product of Barnes & Barnes, who in reality is Billy Mumy and Robert Haimer. When you hear that song, think of Lennier or Will Robinson singing it.

  14. RagingDragon

    … Why are they feeding the bears vomit casserole? O.O;

  15. TYRONE

    @Squeakybunny Thanks! It’s been a long time since then I heard that song. I never knew who sung it till now! They had a video on MTV. I’m glad someone remembed it too!

  16. qtsushigirl

    I admit, I didn’t think I’d end up liking Tanked as much as I do. I find him to be charming and wonderful in his own way. <3

  17. Heart of Blades

    So is this the last arc of Book 1? How exiting! And it’s about time some tried to teach Tanked some maners, lol

  18. Seth

    I just LOVE the expressions Tanked has all the time (especially panel seven).

  19. Neptune

    When is book 1 coming out and where can i pre-order a copy?!?

  20. G-ret

    I can’t wait for the gimp arc, he’s my favorite of the bears :D (My senses say tanked won’t be using the spoon for eating with.)

  21. Scruffy

    I think they might be much more successful teaching tanked manners if they could get him away from the booze. Imagined what the sophisticated part of Tanked could do without the Delerious Tremors, The alcohol, the apparent hallucinations, and erm… you know, pretty much every other part of Tanked’s personality.

  22. Horror_Show

    Just got through the archive… not bad, keep it up.

  23. Kiyo

    I can see this failing ver badly.. and soon o.O

  24. JD Brett

    He’s going to choke on the spoon isn’t he?

  25. kaijufan43

    teaching tanked manners how cute

  26. cuddlee

    does he have the rest of the previous food on his paw? :D


    THat ediquet thing is gonna last like 5 seconds with Tanker

  28. Kitsunekage

    /slides in through doorway and crashes into far wall/ Wait, Gimpy’s FINALY getting an arc?! When?! Will we Finaliy learn about his past? ?Takes in first breath of air since entering room/ I’ve been wait to learn more about him! (Wait a sec…. that statement made more sence in my head.)

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