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June 15th, 2009

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One big happy family :D

Today’s vote incentive is Henry. I’ve recently fallen into the stamping/scrap booking world by helping a friend with design work for her new business. I’ll admit I didn’t know much about card making before hand, but I am constantly blown away by the creativity and amazing results they can produce… the work that goes into making some of these cards astounds me.
If you’re interested in stamps at all check out Katharina’s blog and her stamp store in particular (it has lots of art by me in it!)
And Henry is one of my favorites that she’s produced so far…. a bit of a break from the not so wholesome adventures of my demented bears :)


  1. Mickel

    That is a cute and scary group shot. And who’s hand is on my ass?

  2. Two_Twig

    Gay bear is not happy…

  3. walabane

    you would think that gay would be happy about having a hand on his ass unless its the other cheek being shaved

  4. Dorks of hazzard

    Dam i was hoping Evil would be more demonic but hes just a bear who likes to cause shit. These bears in a way are like human personalities. Tell me that no one here has ever met people like these bears

  5. Orion


    I haven’t met anyone that reminds me of death. But other than that you’re correct.

  6. alyx...

    haha i love bear nuts… every monday i am so happy!!!! haha :D but ya i have met people like this lol

  7. Lysana


    And I’ve met people who have moments that come across like Death. Nobody you want to mess with, and so grateful to be on their good side because the alternative is NOT fun. And they’re placid about it on the main, because they know better than to act like their capacity for destruction is something to show off.

  8. captain bacon

    prozac , the definition of bipolar , seriously look it up in the dictionary , im….97.32% positive it is.

  9. Nutter

    Evil – guilty as charged!

  10. Xu-kitty

    “Lalw, butts”– nah, heh.

    Ahh, that was an excellent way to end an arch. And Prozac is Bruce Banner. :D

  11. TYRONE

    I was hoping Prozac would break into laughter after seeing their humbled faces! If I could “BEEF UP” like Prozac,I would make Nerd,Lech,Evil,andGay run for their lives! Just for shear entertainment! And I thought Evil’s paw was I little lower! @Dorks of Hazzard and Orion: I have met people with these bear’s personality! Including Death’s! Gooooo Bear Nuts!

  12. Heart of Blades

    Haha! So Prozac finally found a way to make them all behave, lol. Sooooo, was Evil grouping Gay? lol

  13. Vee

    Wouldn’t Gay like to have someone touch his ass? Seeing as he is gay. :P

    I gotta admit, that group hug is cute lol

  14. sandy kilo

    ahaha poor gay it’s hard to be a dandy


    HAHA, shouldn’t LECH ask about who’s touching his ass?

    gay definitely has a thing for lech. i could see him blushing through his fur while lech was touching him.

  16. Glowworm

    XD-Prozac got all scary on purpose!

  17. Unusual

    XD That’s what every family photo looks like; everyone together, trying their damndest to look happy for those few seconds.

    Henry is SO CUTE!

  18. Tremaine

    Last panel you can tell what Evil is thinking:
    “Why is my hand on his ass?”

  19. Evil2.0

    “He’s not fallin for it guys get closer, even if the group hug doesn’t work we can at least push someone out and front and run like hell” Is what everyone’s thinking at that point.

    And Evil’s face in the last panel, I know that face, I’ve had that face.
    It’s teh face you make when you’re realy thinking about something and concentrating, Like those days when you suddenly stop doing whatever your doing and just stare into space thinking about something you might have forgoten or what have you
    That’s the face.

    Evil’s thoughts at this point
    “Paw..on..butt…can’t be me, I mean with this angle I’d be more at his back/rib cage area, so it has to be Lech..right..?”

    Loved this page, I’m dying to see the new comic on Wednesday

  20. Celeste

    LOL that’s awesome but the last panel is my favorite.

  21. Gaara1357

    if u look at the next to last frame, it looks like it’s lech that’s touching gay but in the last frame nerd looks worried…hmm…?

  22. RagingDragon

    Hooray for accidental groping! X3

  23. G-ret

    I bet it was evil doing the ass-grabbing, he can’t help but go back for seconds! You can also see his hand going there in the big frame of them. :P

  24. David (:

    x’DDDDD OMg.. i love how they all look so happy hugging each other xD! x3!

  25. Ghorroj

    @ Orion: I think I might be like Death Bear. And I really do like meditating.

  26. AquaCoon

    Hah! An unexpected and funny punchline without deraling the train of though. owo that’s what I like to see.

    Also I would have to think it’s Evil, given his position, his hand is the only one behind and low on Gay bear. Unless Lech has a really long arm, or Tank is drunkenly out of view behind him.

  27. Rori

    I love evils face

  28. TYRONE

    GAY:What’s that buzzing sensation I feel in a pattern of an “E” forming on my other butt cheek?! *looks behind him to discover that’s exactly what happened. Beefs up!* GAY: Evil! EVIL:What?! GAY:YOU! You bitch! That’s the last straw! It wasn’t enough that you’ve got one cheek,let alone you had come back for the other! You have violated my butt cheeks for the last time! Prepare to defend your honor! Evil:*extends arm,shaver in paw*En guard you yellow beast! XD! I love this comic!!!!! Nurse:It’s time take your meds Mr. Tyrone. Tyrone:I don’t wanna!

  29. Sean

    Funny and irreverent strip. Love it.

  30. WintermuteNight

    Great group picture.

  31. Vwolfe

    For those who have accounts on face book i made a fan group for this comic because it is too awesome not to have one :))

  32. Inyo

    The group hug and the expressions was just epic xD

  33. Kenichi340

    That’s gotta be Evil’s paw down there on Gay’s butt, Lech’s hand is perfectly visible way above the waist line…Could it be? XD

  34. Panda

    LOVE the group shot. Nerd’s little leg up~! lol

    And Prozac- oh honey bear, you go take that nap XD

    My vote is for Lech touching Gay’s ass *G*

  35. gridsleep

    re: dorks of hazzard: Evil is just that, a troublemaker. He’s as afraid of hulked Prozac as anyone. The only one that would have no fear of Prozac is Death bear. But, he’s so far beyond it that he truly doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss.

  36. Siaj

    This reminds me of what me and my friends always say when two(or more) of our guy friends are being gay. We always say: BUTTBUDDIES!!!!

  37. Yaoi bear

    im thinking the mystery hand was nerd bear
    1. hes always around gay, so much he acts a little gay himself
    2. he could have just blamed it on the other two, due to the butt-shaving
    3. just look at his face when Gay asked X3

  38. Anaiyah

    based on the picture id say evil bears hand

  39. Rockah12

    Considering Gay is asking that with a stern face, I think the closet door is finally fully closed.
    Also, It’s definately Nerd.

  40. Ryu

    I have a theory
    Evil has a crush on Gay.

  41. Michael Sirius

    I say it is Lech, an as for the theories about Evil and Nerd, later evidence shows me that Evil and Nerd have a little something going on themselves

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