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June 12th, 2009

Page 89

I saw the Edward Norton Hulk again a couple of weeks ago, which re-inforced how much I liked Iron Man better. Comic book movies are pretty hit and miss lately. I’m not that familiar with the Marvel universe so I’m not waiting anxiously for Thor or anything Avenger related (I grew up watching the Batman cartoon after school) but I highly support comic book movies getting made in general. I’m just afraid they’ll eventually saturate the market and everyone will be sick of them :(

I have been getting some questions about my process on making these pages, or tutorials. A good tutorial would take a lot of time to put together (time away from working on the comic) but I will post some of the stages if you guys are interested. Today’s vote incentive is an example of the thumbnails I work with. My scripts are messy chicken scratch jotted down on whatever scrap paper I can find (sometimes illegible even to me if I haven’t looked at them in a while) and then I turn them into these. I find the more time I spend at the planning stage, the easier and quicker the actual pencilling goes.


  1. Peter!

    On the note of comic book movies.. I think they are on the verge of over saturation. I think Marvel has at least 5 movies planned already (Iron Man 2. Thor. Captain America. Spiderman 4. Avengers. Possibly some others.. I forget.. ) Plus then whatever DC has planned. Which will probably be a few movies. I’m not as big of a DC fan as Marvel so that’s why I don’t really know. But I did love the new batman movies.

  2. BlueNight

    I enjoyed parts of both Hulk films, but each in deeply different ways.

    The first deviated from both the details and the generalities of The Hulk of the comics, but it was all worth it to me sitting through the whole film to see The Absorbing Man’s fingers slip /through/ the metal he was touching. (I’m an inanimorphile.) Plus, there are few more accurate analogies of Borderline Personality Disorder, which afflicts a former friend of mine; seeing the film helped me in ways I just can’t describe.

    Norton’s Banner was more Bannerish, and the plot was better, and there was more stuff setting up for a sequel, but the fight at the end went on too long and didn’t interest me much at all. I think they just tried to put on film the kind of fight they actually have in most comics; from a narrative POV, the concept intrigues me, but as a moviegoer, I would have preferred something different.

  3. Kilkakon

    I found your comic recently and I think that it’s great. While there’s a bit of blood/swearing (turns offs for me) both of them are in small enough quantities to avoid complaining. It’s also really funny :D. I’ll buy the book when it comes out if it’s available in Australia.

    Here’s a quick question: Do you decide what happens next just going off the comments? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did for some of the pages as some people are completely right (that is, if they didn’t just wait for the next page and then go back and post in the previous one :P).

  4. Kookaburra8su

    Seeing Lech just a shocked as everyone else, the response of the others, then going tough. He just “volunteered” to sooth Prozac. I want to see the others push him forward, maybe he runs faster than everone else. HAHA.

    Bring in Death Bear.

  5. Heart of Blades

    HAHA!!! That shut them up :D

    Hey, I’m watching the Norton Hulk right now…creepy

  6. G-ret

    Ha, love how Lech refuses to give up his pride. Something tells me it will relight the conflict, or maybe just rage Prozac instantly.

  7. Kristen

    Lech is officially my new favorite in this comic arc. I love the indignant look in the last panel. AWESOME!


    I think Lech just volunteered to be the next sliced loaf of bread with ketchup! Just ask Crack what happened to him! If he wasn’t disturbed then,Crack is definitely “touched” now! Prozac could be so feed up with everybody,he might just start laughing madly out of control! On the movie note. Every cartoon,comic,or whatever media they come from. The characters always seem to change from how you remembered them when they hit the big screen. Who would’ve thought they change Bumble Bee from a Volkswagon Beetle in the cartoon series to a Camaro in the movies!? I Know most fans whatever they watch know their characters,how they came to be,what they do,and so on. Different animation companies do the character’s story the almost the same way but I different style of animation! Most of you know what I mean. Let’s see what happens if Bear Nuts gets their own show or even a movie! o_O O_O @_@ Hey! don’t look at me like that! I only drunk 4 liters of soda!

  9. Miles

    I always thought Evil would say what Lech just said *shrugs*

  10. Nate Fakes

    They are acting like pussies, huh? Lol. The bears world.

  11. Lisa

    @Miles: Evil is somewhat a misnomer to me, he’s more ‘Misfit’ or ‘Bully’. He causes trouble for the sake of it, but does know what lines should not be crossed, just toed a bit. Lech simply does not seem to care at times, whereas Evil tends to have the consequences in mind. He knows who he can piss off. Lech is a ‘big aggressive male’, and I believe he tends to forget what consequence is.

    These bears is DEEP yo.

  12. Unusual

    lol Aww… even Evil is ‘sorre’. Only this time I think he might actually mean it. Haha.

    Thanks for sharing that thumbnail btw, it facinates me how stuff like this is created.

  13. RagingDragon

    If Lech had a brain in his head, he’d be running like a cheeah on amphetamines.

  14. RagingDragon


  15. Evil2.0

    Call us what you will, but if there is a choice between death and saving our butts we will take whaterev means to ensure safety, even so far as to feign sincerity.
    And besides they’ll all take like a yard back and Lech will get pwn by Prozac in oh, 3….2…1…

  16. Zee63

    quick everyone apoligize before we get eaten!

  17. Dorks of hazzard

    Evil is not so evil.

  18. £Ø§Ð

    …I Agree With Letch On this One.

  19. Leak

    While I loved Iron Man and quite liked the new Hulk movie the only comic-based movie I’m really looking forward to is James Cameron’s “Battle Angel”…

    np: Miwon – No Need For Sanity (Miwon Version) (A To B)

  20. atomic_chew

    bahaha. their expressions in panel 6, priceless. I love how they all had a change of emotion just when Prozac goes into “Prozac. Bear. Mad.” mode. haha, this made me happy (:

  21. Squival

    rofl at them falling head over heels on Prozac’s tranformation

  22. DestinyFox

    Uh oh, Prozac goes into “hulk mode”… again… :D

  23. admin

    @ Kilkakon: I generally work with a buffer of a month or so as I’m more comfortable with that. I think some people are just really good at guessing what’s going to happen as stereotypes can be somewhat predictable.
    @ Lisa: lol… that is deep!
    @ Unusual: no problem, I always find that stuff interesting too :)

  24. savage

    i’m really wanting your book. how much longer til i can have it?

  25. admin

    @ savage: It’s at the printers now, but shipping it back to us from overseas is the slow part. We’re expecting the books sometime mid July.

  26. savage


  27. gridsleep

    I grew up watching the Addams Family, Batman, Captain Scarlet, and Speed Racer (and a hundred others.) It’s funny to think how all those “cartoon classics” came out after I was out of high school.

    Good to see Prozac still has some influence over the group. He looked like he was becoming a Sad Sack just wanting to get away from all those pests.


    Lech is gonna get it

  29. bossa nova

    panel 6 there all like OH SHIT!!!!!

  30. Skykitsune

    I sense pain heading Lech’s way.

  31. Mounira!

    hahaha! really this page made me laugh so much! honestly!

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