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June 10th, 2009

Page 88

This is Gay and Lech round… three I think? What a bunch of petulant children.

And because there hasn’t been much Gimp in this one, today’s vote incentive is the Gimp wallpaper-in-process image colored (and also the Gimp line art from our donation coloring book gift).


  1. Nobrain

    The sound of the slap echoed through my head o.O

  2. D4rkLigh7

    Prozac looks about ready to just make them all be quite.

  3. Dorks of hazzard

    Razor for the KILL!!!

  4. Zolah

    now i have to do gaybear pose and call people bitches x3


    Wow! Gay is really mad! I never thought I would see the day again! (i faintly remembered one of them getting sliced up like a loaf of bread!) In panel 4 and 5. Gay is truly upset! It’s a good thing Prozac broke up the fight before Lech looses his left eye! The way Lech grabbed Gay as if he was wearing a shirt actually works. An animal’s skin is Lose fitting. (try catching a dog that don’t want to take a bath!)

  6. Ruby

    Hehe, all of their expressions are awesome. They’re like little kids. xD

    Umm…the vote incentive doesn’t seem to be working right. Its only been showing me one image every time I vote, it doesn’t change. <—Thats the image I keep seeing. I don’t know if its only happening to me but I thought I should bring it up…

  7. Koedi

    Lech and Gay MUST be a couple. This settles it.

  8. Amaranth Pink

    Why does the ‘Bitch!’ make me laugh so hard…XD

  9. anon200

    mm so evil would share the marker with gay but wouldn’t let lech use the razor?!

  10. squeakybunny

    Is it possible that Lech wants payback for that “STD bear” thing?

  11. Nate Fakes

    It’s getting tense in there! Man – they need some kind of escape – besides Prozac. Maybe a trip to the petting zoo?

  12. Kenichi340

    Lech just got bitchslapped!

  13. admin

    @ Ruby: I always check it around 9 am my time and the vote images are always changed by then. There’s just a lag on that site I guess, or it updates on a different time zone then the comic :) Gimpy is there now, at least for me.
    @ anon200: I think the razor is more special to Evil then the marker… more havoc being possible and all.
    @ Nate: oooo, some of those bears definitely do not belong in a petting zoo :)

  14. Heather

    Prozac really IS like their mother.

    Tsk, tsk, play nicely children! Or momma gonna have to woop your ass!

    Great page once again!

  15. Tina

    The new Gimp wallpaper image it top notch! ;) Looking forward to the finished version so I can add some flare to my work PC. IT will love it.

  16. Evil2.0

    I have to agree with Evil, I mean come on you whiny little buggers, you’re just making your reps horribly childish. If there is a problem fight fire with fire…and if that doesnt work add more fire!!!!
    But practically each of the Gay’s lines made me lol so hard xD
    And I am so happy to see you’ll be getting a fanart page, but kinda bummed that you have all that work, lets just look at Lech being repeatedly slapped to make ourselves happy again.

  17. Unusual

    I thought Gay calling Lech a Bitch was funny. And then the slap made it hilarious. And by the time Gay said the Lech tried to molest him, I was nearly falling out of my chair from laughing so hard.

    And the vote incentive… I want that on a shirt! XD <3 Gimpy. All the wallpaper images would make awesome shirts. *hint hint?* ;)

  18. Ana

    Evil, if you don´t like, leave. Funny, what make Evil stay if he is just surrounded of whinnies? Teh outside got worse whinners, XD

  19. atomic_chew

    I love the last panel. “Lech tried to molest me!” and “They’re all whiney tattle tales.” tehe. That makes me laugh. This one just iced the cake for my entire week. This chapter just keeps getting better and better :] lots of love, alison, thanks so much :]

  20. Somi

    i love this comic. my brother showed me and i fell in love with it! xD
    so, thx Alison for your creative mind!!!! :D

  21. Sean-Z

    I “LOLed” all over the place at this strip! :)
    Your talent is amazing Alison! I wish you much continued success. :)

  22. Sean-Z

    And I agree with Koedi…my gaydar went off all over the place! LOL!


    I leaned of this comic 10 hours ago. and i love it I reided all 88

  24. Julie

    Great Comic ! Very nice random plot and exciting characters :D I think to would be cool if a New bear came and it is a girl xD it would be very Hilarious I bet.

  25. String Petoun Ping

    @ Ana: I think that Evil secretly like this band of whinnies. They annoy him currently but he couldn’t as a loner and he like not having to hunt his own food. <– He had to fix things before…

    @Evil2.0: I think that gay and lech were doing your solution before Prozac stop them. Beside it’s better to tell the truth to mommy Prozac that wait that Daddy Death come fix the problem. (Death bear always seemed to me like the father of the familly. He rarely yell and you don’t want that mommy call him for help.)

  26. £Ø§Ð

    Just Gotta Love Evil’s Exspression There.

  27. squeakybunny

    I wonder if the “E” shaved into Gay’s butt means that he’s Pwned by Evil? But if that’s true, then why does Lech want a crack at Gay’s .. uh crack?

  28. Visitor

    What i really loved was the stretch on gay’s fur on panel 5 – just like he’s wearing a t-shirt =P

  29. Echo

    Love It Please Update Soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ChibiEmiAlvi

    *reaction at 4th panel*

    I always imagined Gay slapping Lech because that would SO fit him, lol~ xD Never thought it would happen!

    … Goes kind of the same to Prozac… Just that I didn’t imagined him with such an irritated expression. ._.

    As always, awesome comic! :D

  31. Evil2.0

    @String Petuon Ping
    They should have let em’ duke it out, my money was on Gay bear anyway, I mean he was going for the eye!!
    True Prozac is more like the mom, while Death if he’s around you most certainly behave ( like around a dad u don’t wanna see mad)


    poor Evil :P

  33. S.P

    Poor Gay.

  34. Black Lips

    Am I the only one that said that the dialogue unintentionally rhymed?

  35. Kitsunekage

    Just once, I wanna see Lech and gay get into a sissy slap fight…. that would be halarius

  36. desteru

    the sexual tension between lech and gay is unbelievable

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