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June 8th, 2009

Page 87

I was just thinking about how hard it must be to get dried puke out of fur…

Todays’ vote incentive is another commission, this time for a tattoo design. I’m too chicken to have that done myself but I do get asked sometimes to design stuff for other people, or I get emails asking permission if they can use various existing art for that purpose… which is flattering I guess since it’s such a permanent expression. My other issue (besides the needle thing) is what if 10 years down the line I don’t like that image anymore??
But anyway, this tat turned out really nice and vibrant :)


  1. Unusual

    LOL. You… rock so hard. Srsly.

    I’ve been wondering… have you given them each their own voice in your mind? :) I’m starting to. Aaand I know you don’t know about price on your book yet… but do you think the shipping will have to be alot for US buyers?

  2. Keyaroscuro

    Haha, that’s exactly what I thought would happen! Except I wasn’t sure who would be the one to take the puke dive, so this is awesome!

  3. Tremaine

    Evil seems a bit selfish for someone sitting in a puke pile.

  4. Libby Rust

    So what, does Evil shave Lech’s head and Lech beats the snot out of him for it in the next installment? LOL.

    I freaking love this comic, by the way. It really makes my day when a new page goes up. ;) Keep up the good (or rather, horrifyingly wrong and yet oh so right) work!


    Wow! Tank unknowningly set Evil up for a downfall. That ought to feel pretty slimey. I’m glad Nerd gets to laugh at him sometimes. Poor Gay is still being the butt-end of all jokes! If Evil lends his razor to Lech,he team up with anybear when it comes to mischief!

  6. Lynny

    ahaha, love the last panel!

  7. Pyromie

    Now What i’m wondering is: Why did he carve an E into Gay’s Ass? What is he setting us up for…

  8. Ausjin

    If Lech and Evil were just a little less self centered, they probably would make amazing partners in crime.

  9. Samus x

    XDD oh man i love it. i totaly enjoy reading your comic and always looking forward to when you put up another page to the comic. Evil is totaly my fav =D.

  10. Zolah

    mmm, luverly <3 this would rock as an animated series :3

  11. squeakybunny

    It appears that Evil is a cheeky devil. ;) I do wonder what Lech has in mind…

  12. Nate Fakes

    Lol. He needs to shave the other one. I mean- it HAS to match, right?

  13. Heather

    Poor Prozac… he’s like a single mother looking after all these guys… never any time to himself…

    He didn’t sign up for this!

  14. Evil2.0

    Ha, knew he would slip never knew that he would shave an E into Gay’s butt, now that was just plain funny.
    I really wanna see how this ends now.
    By the by I have a question, when you get the new website up, will you please add a section of the pictures adn stuff sent to you by others?
    I’d really like that since I’m having a hard time finding posted fanart or anything else of bear nuts.

  15. The Riot

    Anyone else find it odd that Lech went out of the way to stop looking at Yoga cleavage to bend over and stare at Gay’s ass?

  16. Heart of Blades

    Ha! Evil fell down!

  17. Ana

    Ok…..I retire what said in the previous comment, Nerd is really a retarded victim! Go ahead Evil!
    I wonder how the bears didn´t kicked his butt out of the zoo yet, since he is badass to everyone…

  18. TYRONE

    Don’t forget,Nerd improved their quality of life! Every group needs a rocket scientists! Get your laugh on Nerd!

  19. RagingDragon

    Homosexual butt shaving, on the next Jerry Springer. X3

    Seriously, though, this is hilarious. ^w^

  20. Kenichi340

    Seems like Evil needs another beating to get him in line. But then I wonder what was he planning when he shaved Gay’s butt. Maybe he was marking them as his toys for his tortures? Hence the E…For Evil?

  21. £Ø§Ð

    UHG! My razor!

  22. Q


    I love how Evil won’t let Nerd partake in making Gay any more miserable, he wants that to himself.

  23. Fergus

    My guess is that Evil thought that Gay’s ass should be rated “E for everyone”

  24. Glowworm

    Evil was marking his territory perhaps?;) Love that Lech wants to do the other cheek!

  25. wynama

    Evil the Tag Artist…. Also, that’s not Nerd, guys, that’s Lech.

  26. ts-mutant

    Let Lech do what he want to!! XD
    Best comic ever!

  27. Tonka

    So what’s with the little bow thing above Lech’s pantie mark in panel seven? I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

  28. ekezet

    Heh, funny update as usual :D
    just 2 things:
    – the vote incentive is… well… i kept looking at it in awe for looong minutes. I won’t tattoo myself tho’, but that is something worth to wear!
    – I almost see Prozac on the next picture (update) summing up the events with a wise comment or reaching enlightement, since the story is the Zen of Prozac. That, or he sighs at the situation and goes back to drugs…

  29. admin

    @ Unusual: Voices? Just some of them. And I don’t think shipping will be too bad to the US, it’s not like it’s really far :)
    @ Libby Rust: Thank you! I’m glad I can brighten your day.
    @ Ausjin: That may spell disaster for the whole zoo…
    @ Samus x: Thanks!
    @ Zolah: That could be amusing!
    @ Nate Fakes: You’re right, symmetry is absolutely important :)
    @ Evil2.0: A fan art page is a great idea and already on my list of stuff to do… which is depressingly long.
    @ Fergus: LOL
    @ ts-mutant: Thank you!
    @ Tonka: That’s always been there, unless the panel is a long shot and the panties are really small.

  30. plajj

    I think Tonka means the line in the middle…it’s a crease/fold because he is bent over …which distorts the flow of the line ….????

  31. Ghouly

    Evil just claimed Gays butt as his lol


    Last panel is the best.

  33. S.P

    Lech is such a lecher(hence the name XD).

  34. Anaiyah

    evil bear is so cute

  35. looc64

    I wouldn’t let Lech hold my stuff either, he seems like the type to break stuff.

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