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June 5th, 2009

Page 86

And that’s the only exercise Nerd gets, running from Evil.

Today’s vote incentive is a recent commission I did for a friend who needed a business card done and I really liked how it turned out. I can remember when I hated trying to draw dragons because I found it too hard, but now I love it and it’s fun trying to come up with new designs. For me, persistence is one of the fundamentals of art; no matter how sucky you may be at first, if you keep at it you will eventually come up with something you like… or that other people will at least recognize as a dragon. :D


  1. Lom

    Is that an electric razor? Haha.

    Also, the incentive is still of crack, hasn’t been changed (for me anyway)


    I like when I seem to be first to comment and refresh the page and wind up 2nd. Hmmm? Is Tank having second thoughts? Prozac won’t get a break tills he gets transferred. Run Nerd! Run for yer fur! Evil’s got a rechargable shaver! That bear is persistent! Ruuuuuuun pussy! Nerds gonna hafta open another can of “wupp ass!” (the can of woop ass! didn’t work!) Bear Nuts!BEAR NUTS! BEAR NUTS! BEAR NUTS! where’s the book?

  3. Keyaroscuro

    Holy cats on a hanger, I think I see how this is going to end.

    And I’d ask where Evil keeps getting all this harmlessly torturous stuff, but if Nerd can get regular model kits then I suppose anything is possible.

  4. Madam m

    I love how big Tanked eyes are.

  5. Dorks of hazzard


  6. CyberCorn Entropic

    At least Tanked was courteous enough to head outdoors before losing the contents of his stomach.

    I think a good chunk of Prozac’s chronic irritation can be directly or indirectly blamed on Evil.

  7. Rukisa

    For some reason I really like how you drew Tanked. The mouthlessness and eyeballs popping out of his head make him look crazy and sick = drunk. :)

  8. DominicanKing614

    yeah i would imagine that most of the frustrations come from both Evil and Lech agitating everybody else … Death keeps to himself … Tanked is just in his own world most of the time … Cracked causes probably some anxiety cause of his constant outbursts … and of course Gay and Nerd are the ones getting picked on most of time … so looks like Prozac has most of his work for concentration cut out for him ….

  9. sandy kilo

    ahaha poor prozac
    and what about lech? i wonder what happens to him after his accident…hope he’s not dead

  10. Ana

    Why Evil is always bullying Nerd anyway?

  11. Heart of Blades

    Hmm, looks like Prozac is having a tuff time finding a quite spot to meditate…I wounder how this’ll end *wondering*
    PS: I’ve been making sure to vote every day :D

  12. atomic_chew

    its too funny… I just realized I’m, in a sense, a combination of all the bears. I realate a lot to Prozac, though. Trying to find peace in the chaos, and just not. This one is funny. Tanked face is hilarious.

  13. Glowworm

    Evil running after nerd with an electric razor-at least it’s not a traditional one…

  14. Nutter

    Voted on home PC! I also voted at work on all four computers… hehehe *Evil Bear cackle*

  15. admin

    @ Lom: I’m not sure when the vote incentive images change over but it definitely doesn’t coincide with a new page posting (around 1 am my time) I just checked it and it’s definitely changed now.
    @ Ana: I’m afraid Nerd’s just a terribly easy butt, plus there’s the revenge factor…
    @ Heart of Blads and Nutter: Thanks for the votes! You guys rock :D
    @ Glowworm: Yes, that would be dangerous.

  16. psychotoon

    id= evil
    ego= prozac
    superego = … i dont think this group has a super ego actually :)
    seems to me all the other bears except death fall somewhere between evil and prozac.
    you’re comic is great, and the bears are perfect!

  17. Nate Fakes

    Lol. Run!

  18. G-ret

    Oh my, i see the enraged Prozac returning D:

  19. David (:

    i love how random these pages are xDDD jajajajajaja

    vomit jajaja i <3 tanked (:

  20. Zee63

    I forsee Prozac having some kind of meltdown where he blows up on the other bears, mainly because of the 12th panel. and it’s horrible, but Evil’s expression in the last panel just makes me smile ^_^

  21. RagingDragon

    Even with pills and meditation, I sense Prozac’s gonna flip the hell out. >.>;

  22. Anna

    Oh geez. That face Evil is making made me laugh. Especially in the panel before the last one.

  23. £Ø§Ð

    HA! I Guess We’ve all been in Proz’s Position once or Twice.

  24. Inyo

    Oh wow, Evil. I can understand if none of the bear’s get fat. They’d all have to run daily from Evil. xD

  25. Dezzy

    @ Psychotoon: I think Gay comes pretty close to filling the superego position, but he’s not quite there. =P

  26. Evil2.0

    Ha, anything we promise is a lie..we should start telling the truth now and mess with ppls heads.
    And I know exactly where this is going :)

  27. squeakybunny

    Unfortunately for Nerd, having a close shave from Evil’s mischeif isn’t exactly what it sounds like.

  28. Eptha

    why do I get the feeling that prozac is going to need a higher dose to keep him calm?

  29. WintermuteNight

    You need to create Chronic Bear and have Prozac learn of the beauties of natural, herbal relaxation.

  30. GenericGirlName

    Since we found out why prozac bear is prozac bear is there a reason behind all the bears? (Well besides gay I guess >.>) I’d really like to know why tanked is tanked all the time. But I wouldn’t want that to change really (Who needs a liver, not tanked! :P). Hes cute. :)


    Evil + razor = BAD THINGS.

    Tanker, lol

  32. Skykitsune

    I know how Prozac feels… You try to meditate and always in the middle of it, someone disrupts you… Even if you go out into the bloody woods to get away. SOMEONE WILL FREAKING FIND YOU!

  33. Kitsunekage

    Samething with solitaire, Skykitsune, same with solitaire…..

  34. Michael Sirius

    Evil picks on Nerd for the same reason Lech picks on Gay

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