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June 3rd, 2009

Page 85

Big thanks again to everyone who stopped by the artist alley at AB and said hi. It was so great to talk to you guys about BN and comics in general. Plus we don’t get to go to very many US cons (it’s kind of expensive) and trips will soon be limited even more for us (some of you who saw us at the con may have noticed why :) … so thanks again to everyone in Boston who made us feel so welcome! And that damn Cheesecake Factory restaurant, I’m so glad we don’t have one of those close to us.

Today’s vote incentive is Crack from the individual wall papers I’m still working on (they will get done! I promise!) and also the donation coloring book gift.


  1. David (:

    wooow o_O Prozac looks so Dalai Lama xD

    ahahaha xDWill i lode the eye? :3 Cute

  2. Jason ~the GeNeRaL~

    well, at leasy Crack closed his eye finally…. :-P

  3. D4rkLigh7

    Lemon juice does not burn THAT bad, but this is Crack so I guess any small thing just amplified by him.

  4. Kamino Neko

    I think there’s a problem with the Vote page…’cuz unless Crack has gotten a SERIOUS makeover…

  5. AquaCoon

    I’d feel more sympathetic towards crack if his paranoia didn’t stem from drug addiction. Or was that not his fault or something? owo;;

  6. Keyaroscuro

    I sort of want to pull a one-eyed pirate goes “arrrrr” witty comment of awesomeness, but my witty commenting fails me at the moment.

    Thus we will just have to settle with saying how much LOL each page fills me up with.


    Is Prozac listening to Musical Starstreams? I know exactly how Prozac feels in the 3rd panel! Prozac has the “WTF!” look in panel 6! Yea. Crack closed one eye! Evil has the right name,he never stops! (still like to know how Evil got Crack in that box about a month ago?) Good yall had fun in Boston! The Cheese Cake factory was that bad? I like when people give their opinion on things.

  8. DominicanKing614

    WILL I LOSE MY EYE ?!?!?! XD … awesome lol

  9. Kylie Ann

    Heh – I love Crack.

    How much will the books cost, and how much will shipping be internationally?

  10. Colorful

    Prozac should hang out with Death some more, since the other bears are kind of afraid of him. That way he gets two birds with one stone :>

  11. squeakybunny

    When life hands you lemons, watch out for Evil…

  12. Lucky

    I realize one thing… can Crack Bear get and redder eye than he have? The answer is YES, leave it with Evil >;D/

  13. admin

    @ Kamino: the vote page is working fine now, I think they’re a little slow about updating the images, the new ones seem to go up at least an hour or so after 12 am.
    @ Kylie: we’re still working out the details on the book but I believe we’ll have pre-orders up soon. As for shipping, I’m not sure. Our distributer will be taking care of that (so I can just work on new pages :)
    @ squeakybunny: you always make me laugh!

  14. DisAstrum

    poor prozac… thats the problem when you are the leader or bear in charge… everyone comes to you with their problems!

    As a wannabe artist, i must say i am extremely jealous and i hate how much awesome this comic is because i can’t do it! and yet I love it so much. Is/Will there be a physical comic book for this? I want to pass this on if I ever have children.

  15. admin

    @ DisAstrum: Stick with it! Good art just comes with practice (lots and lots and lots of it though). We are working on getting the first volume printed right now… though I’m not sure I’d let young kids read it :)

  16. Unusual

    LOL after the third time reading this page I notice Crack got spit in Prozac’s eye. And man… that was even evil for Evil XD

    Also just wanna say many thanks for taking the time to do those single character wallpapers. I love em, I appreciate it because I know you have more important things to do, heh.

  17. Kenichi340

    Dammit, Evil! XD

  18. Heart of Blades

    Poor little Crack :(

  19. atomic_chew

    look! I made something :] oh, and I’m really enjoying this chapter. Its quite funny :D!
    link to the creation:
    its supposed to be a wallpaper… you’d have to stretch it or tile it to take up the entire screen, though.

  20. Evil2.0

    Ha, it’s always Evil’s fault. I mean by now everyone should be worried or at least more carefull around him.
    Although I feel bad for Crack he should expect it by now, I couldn’t help but lol.

  21. J.A.C.!

    oky-doke… Read BN front to back. Twice. I think I’m in love, my friend. :3

    I don’t know who I feel worse for, Crack or Prozak. I hope their impromptu leader doesn’t run out of meds again.

    You know what they all need? Poon. (Or at least masturbation material.)

  22. Garrett Williams

    @D4rkLigh7:”Lemon juice does not burn THAT bad, but this is Crack so I guess any small thing just amplified by him.”


  23. Nate Fakes

    Does lemon juice burn bad? I know acid does, but not sure on the lemons

  24. WraithPaladin

    Yes, lemon juice does burn pretty badly. But not as badly as Crack’s reaction makes it seem. This is due to the fact that is a citrus product and therefore packed with Citric Acid… All I have to say is OUCH!!! Also, don’t cut jalapenos or other hot peppers without wearing goggles. Love the comic by the way Keep up the good work!

  25. G-man

    so when r u doing Death’s storyline?
    oh and where can i order the book from?
    and when will u make the plushies?

  26. admin

    Thanks Atomic_chew! That’s cool!
    @ J.A.C: Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoy it :D
    @ G-man: There’s a Death Bear arc already written, it’s coming up soon. We’ll have a pre-orders for the book as soon as the comic is migrated to it’s new url:
    As for plushies… well we’ll start with books first and see if those sell :) But I’d seriously like the whole plush line up on my shelf!

  27. captain bacon

    I think prozac bear is gunna overdose soon…..or possibly shoot everyone im sure when he does snap Evil will get it all on camera.

  28. RagingDragon

    Poor Crack! That’s gotta sting! T_T


    Aww poor Crack.

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