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June 1st, 2009

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Saw UP on friday night, it was awesome! Except for the beginning which was kind of sad… but way better than Cars and funnier than Wall.E. Plus the short at the beginning was my new favorite :)
I do really wish they’d go back to The Incredibles for a sequel though; apparently there’s a Cars 2 on the way (blech.) and a Toy Story 3 (been there, done that already.) I guess the more kid oriented properties sell the most toys and thus get sequels first… damn MacDonald’s tie-ins.

We haven’t seen Terminator yet… the reviews weren’t too impressive. Anyone have an opinion on that one?

Today’s vote incentive: See? I do draw adult heads sometimes :) Though I prefer drawing women… if you hadn’t noticed.
And if you didn’t already know this, you can vote daily (I would just run out of incentive ideas pretty fast!) We dropped out of the top ten this month :(


  1. kidranger

    I agree- they should make a incredibles 2- was a great movie, i watch the dvd still. As for cars- it was awsome! One of my all time fav movies. I bot the dvd the day it came out, watched it like 20 times- cant wait for cars 2. I didnt get into toy story at all- think i saw the first one and that was it.
    Wall-e was great as well, specially in the theatre- funniest part in there was when he pressed the key fob and y herd the ‘blip blip’ in the background- bot that dvd as soon as it came out as well.
    I really want to see terminator- ive liked that whole series from the start- be awsome on IMAX – if it came out on there.
    Another one on IMAX that IS comming- Transformers 2- ill definitly be there for that one.

    Great comic- look forward to it every week!

  2. NekoNeko79

    Awww… Prozac looks so happy in that last panel. At the very least he’ll have a few minutes of peace in Death’s room. Everyone is too scared of him to bother intruding in Death’s room, so maybe some peace & quiet is all Prozac really needs.

  3. CalChan

    I watch Terminator and i thought it was amazing i would see it over and over again if i could. :D

  4. ZootMonk

    I saw Terminator.. It was pretty good for an action movie… Huge holes in the plot, but it is only Terminator. I enjoyed it, and might rent it again in the future, or buy it in the box-set with the other movies, but it’s definitely not actually a good movie… Although it is nice in the theater with the big screen and big sound. I hope meditation works out for Prozac!

  5. plajj

    song coyote …that is deep! I wonder if the author meant it that way? Admin…???? Prozac and Tanked are two very lovable characters.

  6. Lelarayne

    Saw the new Terminator film. Was superbly unimpressed. >>; Went by fast, and when it was over, me and my friends all went, “Wow, what a waste of time.” Except for the one that fanwanks to anything with technology.

    We made jokes through the movie. Fanwanker predicted the ending ten minutes before it happened, and I predicted the role of one of the main characters the second he walked onto the screen.

    Also. Everything is more dramatic in the rain. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    The CGI is beautiful. Stunning, really. >>; Arguably the best point in the movie. If you don’t count that Christian Bale freaked out on the set, and people made techno remixes to it.

  7. RagingDragon

    “What bring’s you knocking at Death’s door?” I laughed so hard that my neighbours are probably wondering what’s so funny. X3

  8. RagingDragon


    Darn typoes. XP

  9. Triovana

    I think I’m in love with Death Bear. Could you maybe do some of him for a vote incentive someday or draw more for your DA page? I love this strip, too. “Who comes knocking at Death’s door?”

  10. Spaz

    If you don’t try to compare it to the other movies, I think it’s a fairly okay movie. I thought it was good.

  11. Mazz

    Ok, so I just found this comic today. It’s freaking hilarious, great awesome!

    Terminator=not worth the theater ticket price unless your area has a $1 theater or something.
    I’d have rather gone to see Star Trek a second time honestly.

  12. Kitty_cat

    I want the “deaths door” Pannel on a T-Shirt XD Loving the comic, very very awesome.


    Please dont turn Prozac all death like. we need the optimism

  14. ice

    awww tank so inocent and stupid but inocent

  15. Anaiyah

    “What brings u knocking at deaths door?” priceless

  16. Skykitsune

    Yay for Death Bear! I do like meditation though, mind if I join you Death?

  17. Kitsunekage

    Did you know that Wii Fit has a meditation game? You have to sit still on the balance board and keep a flame from wavering. It’s harder than it looks.

    Dear God! I’d hate these guys’ place with a gaming system in it!

  18. EJAK5199

    The candle was lit when Prozac walked in, so does that mean that Death was sitting by himself in the darkness?

  19. J.C.

    @EJAK5199: Probably. As it says in his bio, he’s a loner.
    More importantly, how was the candle lit?? I don’t see any matches or lighters.
    Also, the way Death talks (and the fact that he’s using a candle) gives me the impression that he is the oldest of the bears…
    Or, he is more mature than everyone else.

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