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May 29th, 2009

Page 83

If you haven’t seen the new Star Trek yet – go. It’s a really entertaining summer movie and even if you think Trek is for nerds… new Kirk is HOT! For the guys, I’ll admit the chick is attractive too :P My husband apparently thinks so.


  1. Nightlyre

    Kirk? KIRK? Bah, Spock is hotter. But Karl Urban > all.

    And Nerd is such a cutie.

  2. Emmers

    Bahahahah oh Tanked!!!

  3. Emmers

    o_____O did I just get a first Comment??

  4. inspiraled

    new kirk is charmingly adorable, just like nerd bear.
    when i saw spock, all i could think about was sylar. he did a swell job though :)
    this page is so cute :)


    so Prozac is trying different hobbies. Maybe Nerd has “A Dummies Guide Relaxation” tape Prozac could use?! Poor Tanked. Nerd is cool! He really gets involved in his hobbies!

  6. kookaburra8su

    LOL. I was expecting Prozac’s hand to be stuck to Tanked’s head.

    ;-P Tanked!!! You already have a hobby.

  7. DominicanKing614

    lmao i guess when Prozac gets to Tanked’s hobby its just gonna be drinking … and give up on it real quick lol … as for Tanked’s faces in 6th and last panel frikkin awesome lol …. but um … Lech’s was just freaky as hell ….

  8. Basketcase

    Oh my gawd… Tanked is so, so cute in that last panel ><

  9. Nate Fakes

    that panel of licking the glue – priceless! Lol. Bears building models – what a great time!

  10. Ninjamonkey

    Man i love Tanked’s expression in the last pannel. He has to be my fave of all of them.

  11. Heather

    My mother is a trek fan- never got into it- but I’m hoping once exams are over (and University over!) that we can both see it, since its apparently very good. It would make a good day out!

    Great page- poor Prozac, will be ever be able to relax?

  12. David

    yeah, for the guys it seams the be the red headed green chick! My 19 year old came out of the theatre and all he could say was “she was green, and had red hair”. :) I’m an old school Trek fan and the guy playing McCoy was the deciding factor for me. He nailed it! And you are right, the movie rocks!

    Oh yea, one other thing, Bear Nuts is the funniest web comic I have ever seen. I laugh every time I read it. Keep up the good work!

  13. Revy

    Spock is hotter XD I’ve seen it two times lol.

  14. admin

    I forgot to mention Simon Pegg is fun too :) An yes, Syler-I mean Spock- is pretty good looking. I thought the kid version of him was adorable though.
    The green chick was pretty funny too.
    We’re going to see UP tonight, that one looks promising :)

  15. Richard

    Uhura was hot. And Tanked was so adorable!

  16. NekoNeko79

    Awww… Tanked is so cute in the last panel! It makes me want to huggle him! (We need plushies of these bears!!)

    I’m beginning to think that the only way Prozac would be able to relax is if he were to shut himself in a sensory deprivation tank or something! Heh… I wonder what Lech’s favorite relaxing technique is & whether Prozac would be willing to participate!

  17. Leak

    Here’s a segment of Spock & Kirk, errr, Quinto & Pine pimping the movie on TV:

    Got quite a chuckle out of me… :)

    np: CLP – Insatiable ft. White Gold Princess (Supercontinental)

  18. Evil2.0

    Of course he oggles the screen, so typical…I like how Prozacs trying to relax but he needs his own technique…and I wonder would he go so far as to ask Evil what his ways of relaxation are??
    I am out of thoughts so I shall return on monday

  19. Heart of Blades

    Saw the new Star Trek at midnight on opening night…then saw it again a couple weeks later :D Anyway, I love this page, Tanked seemed so happy that the model was stuck to his head, lol. Poor Prozac, he needs to learn to relax.

  20. Yai

    Oh, Tanked. He’s got my heart. <3

  21. Kenichi340

    lol Tank XD

    I wonder what Evil does for relaxation O.o Though it can’t be anything good.

  22. Cordelia

    Hahahaha, I love Tank. I sure hope that glue doesn’t get his mouth stuck together or something =P

    Oh, and Spock is definitely one of the cutest guys in Star Trek! I don’t know what it is about pointy brows and ears that is so darn appealing =D

  23. DArtagnan

    Tanker just to cute

  24. G-man

    when u gonna do Evil’s origin story?

  25. Beckers

    Mmmm, that spock is one SEXY pointy-eared bastard! :D

  26. DominicanKing614

    i like the Green Chick way better than Uhura though … hmm … mustve been the red hair lol always a sucker for that … oh and the years of anime lmao

  27. Jepix

    too…cute… last…panel

  28. RagingDragon

    I wonder when he’s gonna try Tanked’s favourite relaxation method. X3

  29. Xu-kitty

    And remember, Kids:
    Especially if you’re using professional glues/solvents, like Gorilla Glue, to always wear protective gloves!

  30. NicolasGottmorder

    I think tanked was the cutest in the 3rd panel, but then again, I’m completely insane. Anyways keep up the good work!

  31. Inyo

    Oh gosh I love this webcomic! I’m gonna go tell my e-buddies! *has no life*

  32. Billy Bob

    I been trying to think what bearnuts reminds me of other than carebears, Evil and lech kinda remind me of puppy from Retarded animal babies

    But bearnuts is Better ;)

  33. David (:

    XD “So Gay..” hahahahahaha

  34. Squeakybunny

    new Kirk is HOT For the guys ? OMG!!!! Sulu’s dream come true! To boldly go where no man has gone before…

  35. Leak

    “Sulu’s dream come true! To boldly go where no man has gone before…”

    Would that be White Castle or Amsterdam? :D

    np: Underworld – Ring Road (Oblivion With Bells)

  36. Glowworm

    I bet I know what Tanked’s favorite relaxation technique is!

  37. bm

    where did lech’s collar go? I noticed it disappeared.


    Oh Tanker :)

  39. FiraArnithe

    Bah, Kirk? Nooo. He’s okay, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a Spock type o’ girl.

    Old Spock is still pretty hot, too.
    In an old guy way, tho – like Saun Connery. Mmmmm.

  40. Tanked

    Tanked is finally happy without beer…in the last panel! He looks NORMAL!

  41. Skykitsune

    Panels 1 & 2 = Win.

  42. Mr.Abstract

    But…..I think kirk in that movie’s hot….and i’m a guuuuy. That seems a bit over assuming things:P but I jest. Kirk is still hot though.

  43. ChocoByte

    I liked that movie.Both girls were nice.I can’t say Kirk was HOT, as I am straight, but he does seem… handsome, perhaps?Anyways, does this mean the bears like beastality?And will there EVER be a female bear, allowing for some sort of arc?And… Gay doesn’t like ANY of the others?

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