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May 27th, 2009

Page 82

You see, the nice thing about Lech is he’s really open minded when it comes to finding a partner. What a harmonious world it would be if we were all a little more open… and STD rates would sky rocket. Which is apparently already happening amongst Florida’s senior population: link (thank God for the Daily Show). Unfortunately I can’t even watch that clip as I’m not American (grrrr Comedy Central grrrr) but it’s probably on Youtube somewhere.

If anyone’s wondering what happened to the cone (or noticed in the chapter section that this arc is actually comic 12 and not comic 11) it’s because the comic where the cone comes off will only be available in the first volume of Bear Nuts- The Book of Prozac. The book is already off to the printers and pre-orders will start as soon as we get the comic moved to it’s new URL.
In the meantime, today’s vote incentive is a newer version of Couch Time for the bears, a print we had at Anime Boston and soon to be a wall paper… once a get around to it :)


  1. walabane

    why hello there cleavage

  2. cleavage

    Top of the Mornin to ya

  3. Heart of Blades

    Chapter 11 only available on vol 1? Oh, you are a sneaky one you are, lol Anyway, chapter 12 looks very promising, the humor tension just keeps building!

  4. midnight

    guh guh guh lol

  5. Xu-kitty

    Breasts have entered the scene. All dialogue is now irrelavent.

  6. Xu-kitty

    Also, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the first time we’ve seen an adult human’s face….. though we’ll mostly just be staring at the boobies.

  7. D4rkLigh7


    *cough* Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I have a feeling I’m going to like this story arc.

  8. wutdisdo

    Gay is totally limber now, lmao! Ha, Gimp is wearing some assless chaps.

  9. Zielak69

    Guess he’s going to change his mind.

  10. DominicanKing614

    wow … Prozac’s blank expression through the entire strip is funny as hell lmao … and i wonder if lech is gonna join them now that he has seen the breasts or just oggle the tv from afar lol …. also …. why is he interested in human breasts if hes a bear ?!?!? …. lmao

  11. Severedevil

    Lech is going to join Gay for his regular workouts, giving us another excuse to ship them.

  12. AquaCoon

    I like prozacs expressions. He looks so interested and happy, and his eyes are so small and undialated. Though he might not be able to help that. ._.;;

  13. Glowworm

    Prozac looks so funny while doing yoga! The last panel is priceless!

  14. Nate Fakes

    I’m guessing he’ll start picking up yoga now ;)

  15. Malovich

    Hey, Alison. If you’re up in Canada, you can catch the Daily Show on just in case you were interested.

  16. Unusual

    Panel 8 doesn’t seem like a very difficult pose for a bear, but Lech is right, it is kinda gay :P
    The slight perversion is one of the many things that make this comic… the greatest webcomic… ever. Another is obviously the cute. I mean look at them. Just wanna hug em! Most hugs would result in being maimed, barfed on, slapped or put into an electrical-induced coma, but it’d so be worth it.
    Aquacoon’s comment made me lol.

  17. McGeez

    Pity that Chapter 11 won’t be available online. Granted you need something special for your page, but what about the readers who won’t go for a book or don’t have the chance to get one? Just wondering.

    Hm… Yoga… helped the last incarnation of “The Hulk”, too. And since Prozac turned into a huck-form once… we’ll see… Days without incidends: uhm… 1?

  18. Perzy

    Gay has a cute ass XD

  19. admin

    Thanks Malovich, but I already tried that and I couldn’t find that particular clip :(
    Good to know people like cleavage so much.

  20. Scibit

    You can get the Comedy Central videos to work outside the US by using firefox and the “X-Forwarded-For Spoofer” Add-on, and use an American IP. I use, Works fine in Australia.

  21. Peter!

    Yay! I can’t wait for Vol. 1 to come out!! I will buy it right away :P

  22. TYRONE

    *puts on gloves,top hat,and monocle* I simply must have that B.N vol. 1! Money is no object! Boobs,hooters,knockers,headlights whatever you call them where you live. They have finally landed! Prozac looks perfectly focused! Gay knows the moves by heart! He didn’t open his eyes untill he was interrupted by Lech! Knowing Lech,there’s gonna be something left behind that couch!!!!!! His freedom from that cone will be short lived and he healed nicely!

  23. Olivebates

    Lol, that reminds me of a game i was making a while ago. whats its name again… Oh, i think i called it Galactic Boobies xD

  24. Squival

    Lech can be so very silly a lot of the time. Also second panel, creepy flexibility by Gay Bear.

  25. Evil2.0

    Finally the book is coming to town, WHOOOOO!!:)
    Ok..the fact that doing yoga..has made Gay’s hops looser just strikes me as something to be joked dirtily about…
    And yes…they do look slightly gay when bending over like that, but I’m sure he doesn’t think that yoga’s so bad now….(hello tiny shirt, aren’t you wrong for this tape?)

    I’ma buy that book

  26. £Ø§Ð

    Bwaa Ha Ha.

  27. essej

    Heh. SO true of most male reactions to exercise shows. It’s only gay until you realize you’re watching hot chicks in spandex. Also, thanks for chatting at your AnimeBoston table, you guys are absolutely awesome in person :)

  28. G-ret

    When you think about it, gay was the only one even WEARING clothes, while Lech was the one looking O_o

  29. Lucky

    LOL they are doing caramelldansen at the second line?! LOOOOL

    This is coing so much fun, can’t wait for the next strips o/

  30. Oddiccus

    Heyyyyyy…. Did you skip a comic? Did you skip DEATH BEARS!???! Because on the chapter list it says 10 for Cracknophobia and then skips tom 12 for The Zen of Prozac! Tell me this is just a mistake!!! Come to think of it you did a comic for every character except Death Bear……

  31. plajj

    Oddicus… read the intro. at the top …. I love the bears doing yoga! Your ability to capture the expressions never ceases to amaze! Where do I buy your book?

  32. Tatsu

    Warrior Stance for yoga actually.

  33. Sarita

    Panel 8 is adorable lol.

    Oh and I see Lech is out of the cone. Darnit.

  34. Eptha

    Cleavage is, in some cases, better than actual naked boobies….it depends highly on the boobies in question…. :D

  35. Crotalus

    Tits or GTFO? ;)

  36. Panda

    hahha oh Lech

    Can’t wait for the BN book! So buying it :D

  37. Kookaburra8su

    Goldilocks and the three bears.

    The first one is too loose

    The second one too tight

    Lech knows this one is just right!

    Joint workout coming up.

  38. RagingDragon

    Yoga’s awesome. X3


    Hmmm, I should start yoga ;)

  40. Kitsunekage

    Breaking news! Lech’s Train of Thought was derailled early today by an unexpected cleavage in the senary inroute to Lech’s Mouth. Sevral Playboy Bunnies were injured and many more are still unaccouted for. More on this stury as it developes.

    And now for the weather report!

  41. Kitsunekage

    Sorry, meant “Story” and “Several”…

    Note to Self : never type comments at 3:30 in the morning…..ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  42. JS

    It’s clear that Lech much have pretty liberal standards where intimate companionship is concerned. Given that he had an STD when none of the other bears did, it goes without saying that he must sail his schooner into some pretty foreign ports of call… Weird, because considering the amount of attention he pays to Gay, I would have thought… well, I’ll stop here. :)

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