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May 25th, 2009

Page 81

Look how clean that bathroom is! Better than mine :D
P must keep a chore list as having room mates can be difficult when not all of them are tidy… and these guys probably shed a lot too.

Update: 11:48 pm.  Just got back from Boston :)  We had a great time but we’re really tired.  The con kind of messed up my updates so vote incentives will be back as of Wed.  Good night everyone!



    OMG! That’s soooo funny! Panel 789 and especially 10! One my lungs isn’t working now because of the severe lol! Gay FTW!

  2. Lena

    Poor Tanked! I must say that Gay’s workout suit looks positively FAB XD


    Look at that yellow “Richard Simon”! Prozac needs to get off of those pills. Kidney damage? He’s gonna have a blow out due to how much trouble they get in!

  4. Tatsu

    Haha, this’ll be great. I hope its some p90x yoga. hahah. :) I’ve just started to learn how to draw in photoshop, any quick tips that might help me along? :)

  5. Unusual

    Well atleast now we know why Evil was in the bathroom… good thing Nerd showed up before he could proceed to fill the tub up with water :) An’ awww ^^ Gay is always so helpful.

  6. Heather

    Prozac is my favourite out of the bears!

    Awesome page!

  7. DominicanKing614

    im starting to have doubts in Prozac’s leadership ability … it looks like hes heading for a downhill shitstorm someday soon … hopefully it wont be too bad … or at least that Death can come up and help him out …

  8. Pepper

    Gay’s suit fits his image a lot. XD

  9. Toby

    I love the face expression on the red bear (cant remember name) who loves beer, on panel 9 :D Made me giggle!

  10. Evil2.0

    …I wonder what happened to Tanked…maybe Evil was coming back to torture??…
    Now that you mentioned it..I’m sure that Prozacs insides are probably unhealthy aftert all those pills.
    And yoga, that’s just gonna be funny.

  11. Lord Zeon

    That is an oddly clean bathroom… especially for being a cave. And yet, it’s still cleaner than mine too.

  12. Squival

    rofl so thats what Evil was doing in the Bathroom

  13. Orion

    Woah… Are you okay? The news just got cut off. Everything alright?

  14. RagingDragon

    Yay for trying alternative methods! ^w^

  15. Itegami

    This is my first time commenting but I have been following BN for now and I really like it. Anyway how do I vote today? Did something happen?

  16. Fr3aKaZ0!D

    Note to Prozac: Get other pills with other side effect then lung problems maybe like lack of horny sexual behavior XD

  17. DisAstrum

    whats with the vote incentive?

  18. nekki

    poor poor tankard. i think he just paid the price for pissing on the couch

  19. GiganticFangirl

    Sorry, but, uh… vote incentive? See, I absolutely LOVE this and want more as soon as possible. Add to that the fact that Gay is my absolute favourite, due to his “tendencies”. x3 Now let’s see how badly this turns out…

  20. LesPaulGuy

    I wonder why Gay is offering to help Prozac…if you don’t understand what I just said i will slap you about the head

  21. FE

    HI!! I SAW YOU AT AB!! Hehehe, the first thing I did once i got there was drag my friends to your stand so i could say hi :), I was the short girl dressed as Ed form fullmetal alchemist who came around twice and bought Evil bear and Death bear buttons ,on saturday :), I was nice seeing you! I LOVE MY BUTONS!!! Thanks!!

  22. Peach

    I was rereading the comic again and I noticed that only Lech and Evil have defined nostrils :x It’s really wierd what kind of things you notice after being up for 36 hours.

  23. Nate Fakes

    Yoga and Prozac are a great combination. Helps stretch the imagination

  24. admin

    Hi FE, thanks again for stopping by and talking with us! I’m glad you love your buttons! :D

  25. AquaCoon

    I love gay’s outfit. But I think the punchline I’m looking for is the actual display of Yoga skills. :B

  26. Gerr

    Can… can… can you a story about the Death Bear? Hes my favorite but we don’t get to see him very often :(

  27. Glowworm

    I noticed that Gay lacks his little pink tanktop on the last panel.

    Poor Tanked-who put him in there? ;)

  28. Kade

    Is it just me or are Gay’s straps missing on his fab workout suit in the last panal?


    poor Tanked :(

  30. bossa nova

    didnt yall know that prozac = candy

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