Page 100
July 13th, 2009

Page 100

I had a chat at a convention once with a little kid who decided that Dooom should have blue lightning power, because apparently that’s the best kind of lightning power.  As I still haven’t gotten around to a Dooomcat comic, I figured Death could wield the blue lightning for the time being.  I imagine his power as the same feeling I get when my car door shocks me every time I get out of it-magnified 50 times or so.  Or perhaps a taser would be the better analogy: “A Taser is an electroshock weapon that uses Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology to cause neuromuscular incapacitation, (NMI) and strong muscle contractions through the involuntary stimulation of both the sensory nerves and the motor nerves.”  Ouch.

And page 100- woohoo!

Today’s vote incentive is the rough pencils for this page.  If you care to get an idea of my process, I always use a red or blue pencil (the brand is called Col-Erase, the typical animation pencil) as they’re easy to ink right over and once the line art is scanned into Photoshop, PS gives you the option of erasing all blues or reds, making clean up a breeze.


  1. Snow

    Love the comic, keep up the good work!

    When are we going to see a female bear added to the cast, if ever?

  2. Shin-Goji

    Congratulations on 100 comics! It is a veritable milestone! Be proud of it!

  3. Ray G

    OMG this comic is the best ever, love how evil looks like he doesn’t care how much trouble he’s in, and turning over to show them his ass, classic! also congratulations on comic 100, and on the little one on the way!

    Best wishes to all!

  4. Yasmine

    I discovered this comic while browsing the internet at work and I’m finally up to date! Just wanted to say that I love it to pieces, you’re brilliant and talented, and I can’t wait for more! <3!

  5. Skittles

    i was thinking you should make Death chop off Evils head so no one has to deal with him!
    do you live in alberta? cuz i do and i know some Actons.

  6. machchunk

    Weakest page in recent memory. Really chaotic, and the last panel wasn’t very clear with the punchline. Eagerly awaiting tonight’s update though. :)

  7. Myuu


    I feel so special that I showed up right at the hundredth comic.

    I just started reading this /July 13th/, so, AWESOME!

    Thank you for amusing me and bringing me joy.

    <3 (:

  8. Snow

    Not really chaotic to me, and that’s the beauty of the last panel, you can interpret it your own way.


    A bit harsh Nerd


    A bit harsh Nerd

  11. Trolldrool

    Nerd is tough when he has someone tougher to hide behind. And it really doesn’t make him look tough. At all.

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