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January 19th, 2009

Page 43

Looks like Evil’s voodoo correspondence courses are finally paying off.

And continuing my heartfelt thanks to plus pimpage of other webcomics that have helped out BN please go check out Twisted Kaiju Theater. Not only is it hilarious, but Sean really helped a new comic like BN get some early traffic with a link from his site, so go check it out! Unless of course you found BN by way of Kaiju, then I’d understand :)

And thanks for the votes peoples! We’re now on the front page of both TWC and Buzz :D


  1. Sam

    Haha! I love evil bear. His face there at the end is priceless.

  2. Kylie

    I love how his face gets more twisted with each jab xD

    But…isn’t there a chance Gay Bear’d enjoy that a bit? >____>;;

  3. Q

    Lech is loving this, lawl.

  4. JakJak

    Love the evil look on his face. And is that little bits of blood or something on the voodoo doll’s bum?

  5. Kamino Neko

    The joyous looks on Evil’s face in panels 3 and 8 crack me up.

  6. Darkchilde

    The digression of Evil’s eyes from huge to nothing but dots is just awesome.
    Voodoo needle butt rape = t3h OUCH

  7. Kylie Ann

    Surely Prozac or Death are going to have to talk to Evil. Although I have to admit, Gay does deserve it a little bit for taunting poor Evil about his fanny pack (we call it a bum bag in Australia.)

    Is there a limit to how much punishment a voodoo doll can be used for?

  8. DominicanKing614

    i think Lech’s snicker in his panel was to Gay saying did he “sit on something” ……. get it ? …. lol

  9. Aaron T.

    lmao. Every character in this single strip made me laugh. Lech and Evil…lmfao the progression of the darker and darker red with each stab xD ouch.

  10. Shin-Goji

    I thank you and my bunghole thanks you!

  11. Sarah

    … Does this mean Gay Bear might try going… straight.. for a while after this to avoid any more pain in his ass? XDXDXD

  12. Nastee

    Awesome page, lol. Facial expressions, progression of red, gay sitting on something, just great!
    Gay is still in the closet, but he might *keep* staying straight. :D

  13. Eodred

    Seriously, Evil’s gonna get addicted to that…
    poor Gay bear…

  14. ebonyekinshade

    is it just me or does those red dots in the final panel make one think of blood specks, like the dolls bleeding as evil is getting his jolly delights of torture

  15. £Ø§Ð

    I think there’s only so much a Voodoo doll can take until it’s effects begin to fade… and, is that Blood?

  16. RagingDragon

    I woulda thought Gay’d like it in the butt. X3

  17. ASRodrig

    Hahaa, oh Evil is my favorite!

  18. Joe BeerBaron

    While extremely amusing, I must admit Evil’s habits and actions – and verily, even his facial expressions leave me with a sense of dread – If my friend Chris was a bear, he’d be Evil Bear.

    Right down to the psychotic stabbing of pins into the voodoo doll, yes.

  19. wit

    I would SO do the same thing as Evil. LOL> DAMN I love this strip.

  20. Psychomonkey

    I did say that Gay was going to get a stiff prick in the arse, and yes I would do the same as Evil but I would use more needles in other places, and have him go over and kiss Lech.

  21. sneakybutler

    Just a weird question but why don’t evil’s horns grow? I thought he would look neat with the hellboy look…

  22. kristen

    The panels 10-12 have the absolute BEST expression for Evil bear. I would love to see that little bugger on a shirt. Especially if his face was as evilly blissful as it was in panel 12!!

  23. Maik

    Haha, yah panel 12 is the definition of well, insanity not really evil…i think panel 11 defines evil. Any way this comic is awesome, i don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time. Panel 4 and 5…classic.

  24. finbarreilly

    Great comic! I feel so sorry for gaybear!

  25. Beef

    Could it be that Gay bear isn’t gay? Maybe he’s Metro bear or something, cos I think if he actually was gay, and evil was stabbing him where he was stabbing that voodoo doll, we wouldn’t be hearing screams of pain in the last few panels.

  26. random reader

    it would be a nice twist if gay turned out to be straight after all.
    like if he gathered everyone to tell them something and instead of saying “im gay” he would say “i’ve got a girlfriend” or something and everyone would just sit and look at him with a wtf expresion on their face lol :D

  27. Wutsdisdolulz

    Well I’m sure that is very painful having a sharp needle poking you in the booty. Poor Gay Bear! D:

  28. Mmm, Bear

    I’m pretty sure the next panel needs to be of Gay Bear enjoying this.
    Simply because the look on Evil Bears face as he realized what he was doing, as well as the look on Lech Bears face when he realized just how happy Gay Bear had become, might just comprise of two of the best images in this webcomic to date.

  29. Sosaurora

    This really made me laugh out loud. Everything from Perverts dirty look, to Evils maniacal poking.

  30. Leak

    @Beef: I’m absolutely not an expert on gay sex, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t usually involve being poked with pointy, sharp metal objects that prolly cause bleeding…

  31. Beef

    Neither am i leak, but in the world of homosexual bears, maybe it is. Who can say?

  32. twibearren

    and people wonder why Evil is one of my fav characters…

  33. Severedevil

    Still waiting for Gay and Lech to admit their love for each other.

    Although Gay Bear coming out as heterosexual would be a good runner up.

  34. blackbird


    This nearly killed me… I could’nt stop laughing so hardly, my stomach aches…O.o ^^

  35. Evil2.0

    Awww… now I want a voo-doo doll too

  36. Elkian

    …Evil living up to his name, in looks and actions alike…

  37. Jen

    I’ve always wondered. xD Would it be okay to make that second to last panel into an icon for me to use? :O

  38. Becky_7.7_7.7

    The face in the 3rd panl is cute! He looks so hapy.

  39. Archwright

    Ha-ha correspondence courses. I wonder if the pun was intentional. ‘Cuz, you know, a voodoo doll is a correspondence for the actual thing… never-mind…

  40. Mara

    Evil’s face is perfect in this one…

  41. reccaman

    gay the pincushion

  42. Skykitsune

    What the? What is my evil side doing here?

  43. Kitsunekage

    I love how Evil’s face gets more and more…ah….happy?

  44. Tarryn

    Bear nuts looks a lot better in the actual paper comic. Anyone who doesn’t have it, and just reads it on the web, go buy it. The pictures look a lot better and more colorful and there’s a not seen comic :) I just ordered volume 2 last night!! :DD

  45. Roderick

    That’s…Voodoo rape.

  46. Crimmy13

    Panel 11 is probably my favorite Evil face of all time <3

  47. Neon

    Panel 5, Lech’s face, I need to stop reading these comics before class, I keep giggling.

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