Page 42
January 16th, 2009

Page 42

I love the Gay and Lech interaction on this page; I have so much fun writing scenes for those two together… I guess opposites do attract :)

Plus hello and thanks for stopping by to any new readers!  BN got an awesome plug from Cru the Dwarf and if you haven’t checked out his comic yet please stop by, especially if you’re a WOW fan :)

And I finally updated the vote incentive images at Buzzcomix and TopWebComics with some previews from upcoming strips and some sketches so if you’d like to support BN please click the vote buttons to the right. The higher BN can move up their lists the more visibility we get (and you can vote daily! Isn’t that exciting?!)


  1. CyberCorn Entropic

    It’s play time! :D

    You know, Lech’s retort is ironic, considering what sort of bag Evil smacked Gay in the face with. :P

  2. Ausjin

    Well, if we were to go for horrible puns CyberCorn, the last page could be considered guilty of gay bashing… Though in a more literal sense than that phrase usually means.

  3. Q

    oh snap @ VooDoo doll of Gay.


    Stay tuned for more, Monday on Bear Nuts.

  4. Mickel

    The anticipation…..great cliff hangers.

  5. Atlas

    Great 42’nd.

    Evil is great…

  6. Sarah

    awwwwwwwww Gay gets no sympathy! XDXD

    Next thing you know we’ll be seeing VooDoo Dolls of the bears for sale on the site XDXD

  7. ebonyekinshade

    as i stated lol looks like gays a new voodoo doll victem for evil…..and strangely when i saw this webcomic today the phrase “behold the power of cheese” keeps popping into my head….

  8. paula

    hehhehehee… loved the last pannel

  9. twibearren

    my god…ive never seen such a look of joy and pride before as i did on Evil’s face…look out Gay because he comes revenge! never diss the fany pack…

  10. Nia

    I LOVE the 5th panel, the *sigh* is just priceless XD

  11. Glowworm

    Those last two panels with Evil are priceless! I love his facial expressions. Heh-and Gay still has Tanked’s beer bottle wrapped to his head.

  12. Shale

    The look of wide eyed joy on Evil’s face as he’s about to play with his new doll for the first time. Priceless. <3

  13. Eodred

    LOL, one of tanked’s beercans taped to Gay’s head….
    and how gay tries to get Lech’s attention… I know someone who really does that. :D
    really really love that last panel… that’s what made me laugh today. :) ;)
    great as usual

  14. Kaleigh

    This has to be one of my favourite comics! Evil bear is totally my favourite

    Where did they find the bandages?

  15. RagingDragon

    This is gonna be good. X3

  16. Megaket

    Gotta love the expression on Evils face on the last panel, it makes you know that something’s gonna happen… And its gonna be fun.

  17. £Ø§Ð

    HA HA Ha! Ass face… And, I have the immpression that, Gay may ust enjoy what Evil is going to do to his Doll. (that came out awkward)

  18. DominicanKing614

    …. that is not gonna end well for gay ……. good …. he deserves it …. lmao

  19. Gera

    XD I can’t help it. I see Gay in pain, but he’s sitting down and that has nothing to do with his head injury, and… and… Yeah >.> <3 Love your comic btw.

  20. alecho

    Here comes the Voodoo doll!!! dum dum duuuum!

  21. ichigo

    you know… seeing Evil about to traumatize Gay with the very same needle he just used to stitch him up made me think… how do voodeedoo dolls not work while you are sewing them… <.< hmmmm…
    I love that “evil” is the only explination needed!
    heh… ass face… fanny-pack… punny!

  22. Kristen

    I love the can taped to Gay’s head and the look of sheer boredom on lech’s face when gay starts to talk is Hilarious. Plus, the sheer contentment on the face of Evil as he sews up his voodoo doll is great. So calm, so peaceful. also, first two comments on the page had me rolling! Gay bashing, and the fanny pack joke were priceless.

  23. King Todo


    I love it!

  24. Kamino Neko

    Clearly, Gay has a crush on Lech, which they can both see, accounting for their mutual hostility. >_>

    Well, he’s not a crush, anyway

  25. Psychomonkey

    I love the last two panels, but I think that Gay is about to get a stiff prick in the arse and yes pun was and is fully intended.

  26. ASRodrig

    Man, I can’t stand when people do that!

  27. ebonyekinshade

    gaybear still reminds me strangely of cheese…..

  28. BloodArch

    I love evil bear.

  29. Leaves

    I love the FANG in the last panel. I love the whole thing, but that single fang there is the icing on the cake. And I’m happy to see Prozac, if only for one panel. He’s like a safe haven in this comic. At least when he’s got his drugs.

  30. Kyoui

    OMG Evil’s face frightens me in the last panel. *GLEE*

  31. Evil2.0

    I just noticed this is the first time that any bear was referd to by his name ( Evil), which makes me wonder, how can Gay say he isn’t gay when his name says it all??

  32. Elkian

    …and it’s about to get worse XD that’s what he gets for being a prick, tho maybe Evil deserved it…


    Uh Oh Spaghetti Os

  34. Mara

    lol. “what happened?” — “EVIL happened.”

    and the sigh. teehee.

  35. Skykitsune

    I think I called this.

  36. Thwaitesy

    You can just here Evil thinking “Oh I am gonna enjoy this” in that last panel.

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