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January 12th, 2009

Page 41

And Evil wins the “creative use of a fanny pack” award.

Another of my favorite pages, who knew Tanked could be so thoughtful :D


  1. Fr3aKaZ0!D

    tanked is the most friendly there theres no one he hates and get hated by and are good friends with Evil and Gay tho evil is like the meaning tried to take some of his hair near the begining gottta live with him and Death………..JUST TO COOL!!!

  2. MooPie

    tanked is my booskie im gonna have one u should make teddy ebars of them theyed sell like condoms at a swingers party!!

  3. chesire

    how dare you insult the fanny pack of evil!!! and you made evil sad!!!! >=O

  4. laura

    lol aww love tanked when hes trying grab the beer, beer first freinds safety later XD

  5. Evil2.0

    Ha!! I was right

  6. Elkian

    XD that’s so cute, maybe Tanked is smarter than he acts…ir at least nice

  7. Nasenocarr


  8. Just Another Anonymous

    Awww, Tanked Bear is so nice. <3

    And lawl at the fanny pack. I love those things. D:

  9. John

    Evil’s expression in panels 6-8 is just… Priceless.


    Tanked is extremely experienced when it comes to drinking party first-aid

  11. Kaiiz

    Something I noticed…. On deviantart, panel 6 says “Function over fashion”, not “Fashion over function”

  12. la

    Tanked is a sweetie! D: That’s so nice. <33
    …but what is Evil up to…? o__o;; scarryy.
    (don’t listen to him Evil! I like your fanny pack!)

  13. reccaman

    insults result in injuries

  14. Kitsunekage

    I dont know who said it first, but I agree that Tanked is intelligent, but is to drunk to care…. I, however, think that he’s level of dunkeness has no impairment of his smarts.

    There was a House episode i saw where the person htat needed House’s attention intentional drank cough syrup to make himself stupider, even though he was a genius. The poor guy was dating a blond…. go figure…

  15. Ayla

    Awww, Evil looks so dejected in the third panel, and indeed has some priceless expressions there. Tanked is earning my approval – he’s hilarious and a sweetie, and I like the idea of him being intelligent but in a kind of inebriated apathy – a kind of drunken ‘eh, what’s the point?’. That’d be a nice and rather awesome dimension to his character, even if such beings in real life are frustrating, tragic, depressing self-destructive wrecks. Eh, it’s a comic – that kind of moronic, cynical ‘reality’ would be stupid here, but a intelligent Tanked would still be awesome.

  16. Johnny Mayhem

    Tanked is making the ultimate sacrifice there. He’s making the beer warm! Also, I noticed Tanked seems to get less goofy when he’s drinking. Maybe he’s a sober drunk? Heheh, that’d be weird.

  17. wulf

    they’re all just so adorable!

  18. Awwwww

    Tanked it so niccce…

  19. Neon

    Okay, I seriously need to buy a fanny pack and start keeping rocks in it, that looks like so much fun1

  20. >8SCISSORS8

    nice tanked bear!

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