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January 9th, 2009

Page 40

Evil’s bringing fanny packs back!


  1. Meg-Meg

    Anybody else think patting tanked on the head would be appropriate here. Then again it’s appropriate anywhere so long as he’s not throwing up.

  2. Evil2.0

    Ok… um, why is Gay so worried about what Evil does, it’s not like this is the worst of his little hobbies or stuff that he does…right??

    Also he needs to lay off out fanny packs, they hold valuable objects of torture, or keys.

  3. Skittles

    “… Of evil” is the best comeback when someone accuses you of bad fashion…


    So what if it’s 10 a.m. lol

  5. d'awww

    I love the interaction between Tanked and Evil its so brotherly D: Evil really looks so adorable and nice ;_;

  6. awwww

    I love the brotherly relationship that was showing between Tanked and Evil, Evil is so nice and adorable sometimes ;_;

  7. more awwwing

    Awwwwmigosh. That sharing was so sweet. <3 (In a really messed up way.) I love Evil~ ;//;
    And the little “…of evil…” xD <33 Where can I buy a fanny pack of evil? Best page ever.

  8. Mara

    I LOVE the fanny pack of Evil. Hehe. So great. Also, I love Tanked. He’s a such a cute gross bear.

  9. Anaiyah

    …..fanny packs are evil to…..

  10. EvilRabbit

    gotta say Gay’s my favourite, he’s such a girl XD OHMIGAUD! What ARE you wearing?! Gok and him should start dating.

  11. reccaman

    better to drink in the morning to get drunk before noon

  12. Skykitsune

    Something tells me Gay bear is about to have something unpleasant happen to him…

  13. Lulu

    I can’t believe I just noticed this on my third reading: EVIL’S A LEFTIE! :D

  14. Johnny Mayhem

    Man, Tanked should totally have tried to drink the beer while Gay was holding it in panel 9. Gay’s reaction to everything is so over the top and flamboyant, it makes me chuckle. Seriously?!

  15. wulf

    im gay and i absolutely luv gay bear! and gimpy lol

  16. fan#666

    one thing i respect about this comic, you actually use a petagram instead of a pentigal, drives my sister insain when people think the pentical is the sign of evil when it ISN”T but the Pentagram is. Just had to point that out.

  17. kat

    So cute when Tanked offers him the tankard!

  18. pingo1387


  19. Thwaitesy

    Tanked is so adorable sharing his beer with Evil Dawww.

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