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January 23rd, 2009

Page 44

Gay’s hair!  The sacrilege!
I realized that it might not be totally clear but Gay thinks he’s having hot flashes… and no I didn’t do the proper research before hand to determine if bears even have menopause, though I imagine the males likely don’t. If there’s any wildlife experts out there I’d be very curious to know :D


  1. Kylie Ann

    Surely there’s a limit to how long Evil will torture one subject?

    I know Gay was horrible to him, but I’m really feeling bad for him right now.

    Also, Lech is very much full of awesomeness.

  2. Marina

    Ah, finally a new page! This it the first time I comment, though I’ve been following this comic for a while. Nice job you’re doing here.

    Frankly, the hot flashes thing totally escaped me. But I just love how Lech snickers, he’s my favorite bear!

    By the way, any chance of a Bear Nuts wallpaper anytime soon? Hopefully widescreen? =D

  3. catalyst

    I think some funny ideas are going on inside lech’s head.
    But what happens if the voodoo doll catch’s alight…. and burns :D

  4. Q

    I got the joke with the hot flashes.

    You’ve gotta love Lech in this comic, and Evil too!

  5. CyberCorn Entropic

    Bwaha. Evil’s sure having fun.

    Perhaps Gay is more influenced by human standards than bear ones? In this case, I don’t think you need worry about accuracy, since males don’t get hot flashes anyway. (Guys don’t go through menopause. They can suffer with viripause, which is much more flexible in its timing.)

  6. Kamino Neko

    I totally got the hot flashes joke!

    I have no idea what this says about me.

  7. Colleen Sheehy

    Yeah, guys can get hot flashes, but it’s usually thyroid problems or the onset of the flu… Believe me, living with a guy with either is no picnic! Gay is no picnic to live with when he’s his own jolly self, so this should be fun!

  8. Lord Zeon

    As far as I know the whole ovary thing is the same in all mammals, so I think it would be reasonable to assume that if a bear lived long enough it would go through menopause. Now, this is of course assuming that Gay is female, which of course he isn’t.

  9. Peter!

    haha.. I don’t think you need to worry about if bears actually would go through menopause.. since this is a cartoon/comic. Doesn’t need to be accurate to real life. Which why these bears are much cooler <3

  10. Seith

    I <3 evil bear!

  11. Beef

    Haha, Gaybears expressions in the first and last panels are hilarious. Keep up the awesome work.

  12. DominicanKing614

    lol his ass hurts …. but yeah just so u know i would believe that all mammals capable of live and healthy birth would probably have a menstrual cycle and therefore have periods and eventually menopause ….. sorry i had to go all health class on everyone …. lol ….. but now i think that Gay found out about his hair that he is gonna go all raged out on Evil … and a Gay’s wrath might just be worse … lol

  13. kristen

    I don’t know if I’m on the right track here, I may be totally wrong, but I think if your a female over the age of 20, you got the hot flash joke. and I have to agree with Kylie Ann, Lech is getting some of the best one liners this story line. Plus, Evil STILL has the best facial expression over his villainous exploits that I have seen yet.

  14. wit

    LOL! Poor Gay Bear and his sore ass.

  15. Sirch

    I’m pretty sure that in the wild bears do really live long enough to have menopause, but in captivity a bear could possibly live that long in which case it’s totally possible to have menopause.
    This comment has become far too scientific.
    I love your comic, Evil and Lech are totally my favorites. I think you have a real talent drawing faces, especially funny ones, which is shows the most with Tanked. I love Tanked faces.

  16. Eodred

    I just love the expressions of Gay in this comic… and Prozac’s face in the first panel…

  17. Glowworm

    I totally got the hot flashes joke. “I’m too young for this!” XD! I love Lech’s snickering expression and Gay’s hair!

  18. Nachtwolf

    Oh no !

    Prozac will ruin the fun ! Quick Evil, Hide the doll or give it to tanked to eat… bwahaha.

  19. £Ø§Ð

    Gay and Letch argue like a married couple… Maby the’re… Naaawwwwww…

  20. RagingDragon

    Can’t speak… Laughing too hard… XD

  21. CyberCorn Entropic

    I suppose Evil just wanted to make sure people knew Gay was hot stuff. Still, Gay might get hot under the collar and do something hot-headed.

  22. kaji8975

    this comic is made of win

  23. Starbugkenny

    Not all mammals go through menopause, and some other species, like guppies, do. It usually occurs in species that live in groups, such as lions, baboons, and orca’s, plus male humans can go through a menopause, its not to do with ovaries, its to do with a decline of sex related hormones. I think captive gorilla’s can go through menopause, but chimps dont, I could be wrong. Its probably unlikely a bear, let alone male, would go through menopause, but that makes the reference even funnier! Biology lesson over, honest, I love this webcomic, go death and gimp!

  24. Kaijulovefoevr

    Evil will get his. I forsee it.

  25. Leak

    @Starbugkenny: “Menopause is the permanent cessation of *menstruation* which occurs a considerable length of time before the end of the lifespan.” —

    So no, I don’t think Gay is ever going to go through it… unless rectal bleeding counts as menstruation nowadays.

  26. twibearren

    …why can i see lech finding evil bear with the voodoo doll and him joining in?

  27. ebonyekinshade

    “marshmellows roasting over an open fire” comes to mind when i see this strip…..and “shmores anyone?”

  28. SweetRMS

    leave my evil bear alone hes just like me

  29. Flora

    This is a hilarious comic. =3 I’ve only found it recently, due to ads on Menage a 3.

    Anyhow. I doubt bears go through menopause, as they don’t have periods, because like 99% of mammals go into heat each year instead. But why are we talking about accuracy? Prozac Bear is blue with a pill on his belly. Somehow, I doubt that’s accurate. =P

  30. joenis

    i love your style of drawing! its so neat! keep up the good work… you better, cos i’ll be watching you! :P

  31. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    Gay lit the inferno, so I say we should let him burn in it.

  32. alecho

    is it just me or what? but I’m also feeling hot too…

  33. Elkian

    Oh, you do NOT mess with a girl/metrosexual’s hair!

  34. Just Another Anonymous

    If somebody read just this comic, and not the one before, I’m sure they would think odd things about Lech and Gay.

  35. Skykitsune

    Gay bear snapped.

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