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December 29th, 2008

Page 37

It’s the brief (and harrowing) return of the giraffe twins… I mean triplets.  Big thanks to CyberCorn for names, I laughed so hard when I read these: Stiffneck and Uppity, and their brother Bighead.

Because when you’re a giraffe, you just can’t help but look down on everybody.


  1. Nachtwolf

    Yay, Payback time for the giraffes, I love Evil Bear…

  2. Aaron T.

    Ooh, that HAD to hurt O_O

    I sense foreboding futures for Evil bear, what with that look on his face in the last panel – but only time will tell. xD

  3. alecho

    OUCH!!! Oh Snap! hmmm… good old Evil bear… what is he up to now~ ;)

  4. RagingDragon

    Evil Bear’s face in the 9th panel is priceless. X3

  5. Q

    Do they make working VooDoo dolls like that for human neighbors?

    Bajajajaj @ “ARE YOU GOING TO SHOOT HIM?!?”

  6. SEA

    Oh snap, that can’t be good for him >_<

  7. Daniel Senpai

    I just started reading to day and this comic is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen.

  8. Sarah

    …ouch… Evil bear.. isn’t that going a bit far?

  9. Ian

    Where did Evil learn the caribbean art of voodoo? When we will haveany more sidestory’s explaining the past of all bears?

    great strip btw.

  10. Mickel

    you do that voodoo that you do soooo well.

  11. Sir Quilt

    Truly a perfect example of just how resourcefull the majestic bears can be.
    Also a good example of how evil bear got his name.

  12. King Todo

    Yeah, to whomever said last week that Evil isn’t really Evil, just careless…

    I present the prosecutions argument!

  13. Eodred

    Oh god, Evil knows voodoo… this is SO not going to end good for Gay… or Nerd.
    This just isn’t gonna end good. And I can’t wait to see what happens :)

  14. nealnotneo

    all i can say is “ROF F**KING L till i cant breathe!”

  15. Kaijulovefoevr

    Evil bear + voodoo = Larfs

  16. Lolsalot

    that. is. AWESOME!!!! i <3 evil bear even more than normal now ^^

  17. Shane

    You could probably just get the same result with animal crackers though couldn’t you?

  18. AJ

    This is why you shouldn’t have such a big ego around Evil Bear. ‘Cause he’ll make sure it comes back to break off your leg. :D

  19. kristen

    OH MY EFFING LORD!!!! VooDoo Dolls!!!! I love how he looks it over at first and states “Close enough.” As morbid as this sounds, it must have been hilarious to watch one of those gangly legged freaks of nature go down like that. (I know, I’m a terrible person for that one, but Giraffes are strange creatures, even if they are cute sometimes.)

  20. CyberCorn Entropic

    I’m glad I made you laugh with the names. :) I wonder what other readers might come up with for other animals in the zoo. Maybe Humpy Humpy Hippo for one of the hippos in the first comic? (Think “Hungry Hungry Hippos” mixed with what that hippo seems to be doing.)
    On a side note, voodoo dolls have much in common with European superstitions but very little to do with real Haitian Vodou. Because the dolls are supposed to need a physical link to their target, perhaps that tuft on the doll’s tail originally came from the giraffe? Still, I think Shane has a point. The concept of a voodoo animal cookie is funny. :p

  21. £Ø§Ð

    Ooohhh…gees, That was Taking it a Little Too far.

  22. Seagreen

    Well, Kaijulovefoevr they may be dolls for boys, but as I’m not one,, they’re action figures.

    I love panel four, every nerd’s childhood memory… or at least mine :)

  23. TheRedSparrow

    Hey Evil Bear!! Can I put in an oder for one of thouse voodoo dolls? XD MERRY ME EVIL BEAR!!


    Crud, im out $20

  25. budle

    Is the reference from this chapter is Paris Hilton – Christiano Ronaldo? Hahahaha…. it’s funny tho’!

  26. reccaman

    oh snap goes the leg

  27. Bane

    ah….. beautiful.

  28. Kitsunekage

    @ RAWRIMADUCKY Thank you *Swips a $20 from your wallet*

  29. Kitsunekage

    btw Love Evil’s face in panel 9.

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