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January 2nd, 2009

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Nerdy is a romantic :D


  1. Shoji

    Commanderly is my new favorite word.

  2. austin

    the cast of star trek with the millemiem falcon how did you devolop that irony

  3. Birilli

    Hehe… commanderly. Genius.

  4. alecho

    hahaha! lots of geek references! me like! ;)

  5. Q

    Bajajajaj @ mixing Trek and Wars characters.

    THAT’S a test of faith in the volatile interwebz.

  6. Kristen

    I agree with Shoji, Commanderly is an excellent word, and I can’t help but feel a pang in my heart for sweet little nerd bear. He’s just having fun playing with his dolls and now Evil’s going to come and ruin it for him.

  7. Seagreen

    *ahem* They’re action figures, not “dolls”

  8. DominicanKing614

    damn … the least Evil could do was take his rage and darkness on the other asshole animals in the zoo … like the high and mighty Elephant with his remembering stuff powers … lol … or the Lion who thinks he is king of it all … jerk … lol …. poor Nerd bear ….

  9. Tonka

    5th panel. Evil’s evil chuckle is really evil. And actually scary.

  10. £Ø§Ð

    My Name Is James Tiberious Kerk!… Yea I want to see it too… Yea, Uh, Scissors? Hope he’s Not going to Go all Clockwork Orange on Nerd.

  11. Eodred

    Oh Captain Jean Luc Picard, you sly devil you…
    Bear Nuts: making nerd’s dreams come true :p

  12. Kaijulovefoevr

    They are dolls for boys..action figure sugar coats it, and i wonder what evil bear is planning next, Dare i even ponder?

  13. Aaron T.

    This is stunningly wonderful.

    I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a bear enacting love scenes with action figures before. Or -ever- before, for that matter. But still, I laughed. xD

  14. RagingDragon

    I’m beginning to think Prozac ain’t the only bear that needs meds…

  15. admin

    I totally forgot to wish everyone Happy New Year on this page so…. Happy New Year!
    DK614 – no worries, the lions will get theirs eventually :)
    AaronT – I surely hope you haven’t come across bears enacting action figure love scenes before!
    RagingDragon – what kind of meds do you recommend to cure evilness?

  16. £Ø§Ð

    …OOooohhh, well. I Think Scionide would do the trick. Or Trihecta Phosphiate Chloride… Just to watch him Squirm. And, Yes. I actually Payed Attention during Chemistry Class.

  17. ramdonperson

    Please don’t hurt Nerd Bear too much! He’s one of my favorites.

  18. Q

    Chemistry, not English.

    Spell check!

  19. CyberCorn Entropic

    Apparently, Tanked is only good for mindless evil stuff. When Evil needs some good, old-fashioned suffering, Nerd’s the target. I feel sorry for Nerd.

    Admin – Treat Evil with holy water! :P

    “New from Deers and Doebuck Catalogue of Oddities and Endities – Friendly Pharmacy AKA Boring Drugs Section! Holy Water Tablets – Fight evil influenza with this one-of-a-kind medication! Just add water. Only $48.44. (Side effects include nausea, melting into a pile of goo, obnoxious glowing halo effects, and/or feathery wing-like growths.)”

  20. £Ø§Ð

    HA Ha. Holy Water, Never thought of that.

  21. AJ

    Wait for the right moment to strike with those scissors, evil bear. Always the right moment.

  22. tehbob

    Bow chikka bow wow.. is all I heard on the last pane. Oh and Commanderly is an awesome new word.

  23. Lolsalot

    hey! did you know holy water isnt actually holy? it’s true! it’s just some clean tap water, really. oh, and sometimes they mix some wine in with it, too, depending on where it is. so, really, it’s useless. hope i didnt just pop anyone’s huge religious bubble ^^

  24. Soushee

    Omg i love your comic, and that one was epic! the last panels with the end “its so… commanderly” XD. But… dont hurt the poor nerdy :(

  25. Xander

    I want a Picard figure!

  26. Paulitta

    mahahahahahaha!!!! i cant even imagine what evil is gonna do now.. poor geek… i really feel sorry for him

  27. BloodArch

    It’s so..commanderly…


  28. Ccl888

    :)) She looks like she’s wearing Princess Leia’s metal bikini.

  29. Evil2.0

    A romantic, or he’s been watching too many soap opera’s with gay (he hogs the tv and we all know it)

  30. John

    Why exactly would you want evil to be good? He is THE best character.


    Poor Nerd bear. :(

  32. DrunkenJuicebox

    Picard and Leia?………best slash fic ever.

  33. >8SCISSORS8


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