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December 26th, 2008

Page 36

I’ve updated the BN logo from generic brown bear (from back when I couldn’t decide who should go on the logo) to a rotating system based on which bear that particular comic focuses on… so comic 5, while heavy on the Evil, has a lot of Gay in it :)  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier.


  1. Kylie

    …Fanny pack 8D

  2. alecho

    OOoo… what is he up to now?! ;) hehe

  3. RagingDragon

    Evil Bear fills my heart with sinister glee! X3

  4. CyberCorn Entropic

    Alecho — My guess is Evil’s up to a high tree branch. :P
    Looks like Evil’s about to get down to business. The kids ought to be getting a floor show they won’t see on the Discovery Channel.

  5. SEA

    Such excitement wondering what he will do next. XD

  6. Q


  7. Lord Zeon

    I do believe that Evil has (once again) ‘climbed a clock tower’, as our Shadowrun GM has put it.

  8. Kristen

    Wow. I am actually feeling a little sorry for the giraffes. By the way, I’ve used the Bears decorating the christmas tree as my desktop and everyone in my family loves it! Their first reaction is Awww, how cute. Then they all some how focus on Gimp and I get the question “what the hell is wrong with you?” I giggle every time. Plus, where are the other bears that are in that picture? I’m curious about the other four bears featured in the wallpaper.

  9. Mickel

    I have never been afraid of a fanny until now.

  10. £Ø§Ð


  11. Wolfie

    didn’t he take the laxitives? wht if he gives them to the giraffes

  12. Eodred

    I bet the fanny pack and whatever is inside is something Evil took in the store from the last storyline… as payback for their earlier behavior.
    Oh yeah, is it just me or are the giraffes fat?

  13. gez

    he did the eye thing to the giraffes before

  14. Kyoui

    I’ve noticed that there are 4 bears in the galleries that I have yet to see in the comics.
    1. A pink bear with Lips (Lust Bear? Lech’s booty call?)
    2. A purple bear with a Tampon (PMS Bear?)
    3. A green bear with a Biohazard Symbol (Biohazard Bear? lol) and
    4. A Panda with … well the letters changed but he had a letter (Alpha Bear? rofl)

    are these guys (and girls) gonna show up anytime? I’d love to see them.

  15. Maha Panta

    I wounder what else he keeps in that pouch?

  16. dreabutt0o0

    i always knew that fanny packs were evil!!!


    $20 says that something to do with the laxitives is in that fanny pack

  18. J.C.

    I’ve just noticed that the weather in the comic always is clear and sunny during the day and clear at night with a crescent moon. Did Alison just wanted to keep it simple?? I would like more diversity in the weather.

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