Happy Holidays!
December 25th, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Festivities to everyone, whatever you celebrate!  I am currently celebrating having 2 weeks off and all the new TV DVD sets I got this year :)  I’m a bit of a junkie for box sets as I need something playing in the corner of my computer while I work (kind of like how babies enjoy the white noise of a vacuum running… what does that say about me?)  As BN pages take a while to color I’ll average 3-5 episodes per page: currently watching (again) Supernatural season 3… DEAN! :D


  1. alecho

    AW~ this is so cute! Happy Holidays to you too! :)

  2. sneakybutler

    New Background. This totaly just beat out the new star trek logo. Six months running. Once again def my fav webby.

  3. sneakybutler

    just a question who are the other bears in the galleries? the biohazzard, the pink one, the purple one, and the panda?

  4. Brachyteles Bellicus

    sneakybutler – look up top for the “bear bios” link

    Tanked continues to rock my small, self-centered universe. I have developed an unholy lust for merchandise featuring him *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*.

    Happy Whatever to you too, hope you enjoy yourself greatly.

  5. Brachyteles Bellicus

    sneakybutler – my bad, just saw the christmas card with the different bears in it. Apologies for my descent into unthinking assumption.

  6. jhorsley3

    very nice! I love the little snow bears doing it doggy style.

  7. Sarah

    hehehehe I love the look on Death Bear’s face! “Lech Bear.. you are an idiot..”

  8. GBeans

    There’s not a thing I don’t love about this. :D
    I wonder who wrapped the rock..

  9. Kidd

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your family as well.

  10. Cee

    Awwwww, that’s cute! Happy Holidays everyone!^-^

  11. Mickel

    This is perfect. Love the snow bears and of course Death Bear.

  12. Tonka

    Oh no. Is Tank eating yellow snow? I laugh and am repulsed at the same time. Too too funny.

  13. Eodred

    This is so cool… very festive. :)
    I wish you the best for the holidays and no sickness or problems and whatever bad could happen in 2009 (and hopefully lotsa BN comics)
    (I swear to God, If I lived in Canada, I’d probably be standing before your door with mistletoe. XD)

  14. £Ø§Ð

    I’m going to Make a Death Bear Snow Man. That’ll be Fun.

  15. Lord Zeon

    Haha, this is great. I love it. Hope you and your hubby had a wonderful Christmas, Alison. Hope everyone has a happy New Year too.

  16. admin

    Thanks for the holiday wishes everyone :D
    SneakyButler – the extra bears will debut later
    Tonka – Tanked is a fan of the yellow snow.
    Eodred – I’m hoping 2009 will bring lots of time to work on BN… but I don’t want to be out of a day job either though!
    £Ø§Ð – I’d love to see a photo of that :D

  17. Lolsalot

    hehe, so cute! ^^ i want to just grab all the bears and hug them for no apparent reason. ^^ keep up the good work and happy holidays to everyone!! :)

  18. RagingDragon

    If I ever see plushies of these deranged critters, I’m totally gonna buy one of each, plus some for friends and family. ^w^

  19. DominicanKing614

    there is soooo many things wrong with that picture …. but then also soooo right and funny …. lol … yellow snow, humping snowbears, gay whipping gimp, nerd getting shoved into the box by evil and cracked getting freaked out by it …. all while prozac is completly oblivious to it all … lol … keep up the good work … and happy holidays

  20. Cyberfox

    Gimp bear should keep that ballgag in full time.


  21. twibearren

    why could i always see Gay bear whipping Gimpy bear?…lolz

  22. Meg-Meg

    There are just so many things wrong with this picture I do not know where to begin…

  23. Meg-Meg

    *le gasp* I just noticed something…. BAD LECH BEAR! BAD!

  24. chesire

    evil is funny
    death has the best expression here XD

  25. Smoketrix

    SO wrong and so funny on so many levels. Gimpy should watch his butt at night,and gotta love the snow bears and death bear. Poor nerd bear

  26. Just Another Anonymous


    Is Gay hitting up all of the ambiguous bears? D:



  28. EvilRabbit

    Lech is so predictable… :] sick but hilarious XD

  29. Roderick

    Death thinks Lech deserves to die…

  30. fan#666

    did no one tell tanked not to eat the yellow snow?

  31. Nyan94

    Gag ball X’D <3

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