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April 29th, 2024

Page 928

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m sadly counting down how many school Mondays are left before summer :(


Crack crossed his arms and snorted. Crack. He glowered at Evil, then Prozac, then swept a scathing glance across them all. “You morons are going to get me mauled and eaten. I will make all of your afterlives as miserable as I possibly can.” Then he grabbed Murder by the feet, lifted the goose above his head, and hauled himself over the fence. He jumped and Murder swept her wings out, gliding them softly to the ground behind a screen of bushes and to the right of the cave opening.

The bears stood frozen, then Sara broke their stillness with a fishy squelch as she slapped the slightly rotting salmon against Prozac’s chest. She grabbed Cara’s hand and hauled her over the fence rail, glaring over her shoulder. “This better work Assholes.” And then they were gone.

Lech gave a shudder. “Shit.” He strapped the make up kit to his back and climbed over the rail.  He flipped his body to the other side and held out a paw to Gay. “C’mon! We can’t let the girls do all the work! We’ll never hear the end of it, dammit.”

Gay reached up to Lech with one paw and saluted Prozac with the other one. “See you at home then! Hopefully!” And then Lech pulled him over and they started climbing down.

Prozac nodded. “Sure, home.”

Evil eyed him, feeling uneasy. 

But Prozac turned, grinning maniacally and clapped Evil’s shoulder…with a sloppy fish hand. “Let’s go drug an apex predator and break into his mind!”

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  1. NotAnotherZeroFan

    I think this page just reminded me why I love this comic so much. :D

    …Not that I really needed a reminder… ;)

    Although the whole reversal thing between Evil and Prozac is kinda interesting.

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