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April 22nd, 2024

Page 927

Happy Monday!
As per a comment from last week, yes I am dis-organized and don’t have an editor to catch my mistakes and occasionally mess up Murder’s gender pronouns. Maybe I should call her Murderess… I also notice half the time I forgot to paint Steven’s hot pink nails. Fail.

Prozac has also weaned himself off most of his meds (though depending on Cara to be his emotional support is perhaps not an entirely fair or sound decision) and “feelings” are leaking through…


Cara moved forward to take his hand but he stood closed off. His sudden melancholy took them all by surprise. Even Lech seemed to understand that something was wrong. Or wronger then their current situation merited? Gay shook his head. They were probably all going to get mauled to death and Prozac was just being his usual pessimistic self. Then Lech’s too loud whisper of “What’s his fricken deal?” made Prozac’s ruff lift and Cara snarled at him. Lech turned to her with a growl and Gay prepared to step, once again, in between Lech, his obliviousness, and whatever misfortune was coming his way.

Then pink satin blew in his face and he blinked. Steven stepped up to the edge of the lion’s den and grabbed the top of the fence. She pulled herself over easily, graceful despite her muscly bulk and single arm. She rolled her eyes back at them, then jumped.

The bears ran to the edge and looked over. Steven had landed and started prowling toward the great tree in the middle, draped with lounging lionesses. Lionel himself wasn’t in site, hopefully sleeping in the cave if they were lucky.

Gay gulped. “I though we’d have time to go over the plan with her.”

Prozac growled, “The plan is distraction, she’s well on her way. You better hurry and back her up. She’s tough, but three against one is shit odds.”  He pulled back to look at all of them, eyes lingering on Cara. “Be careful, run if they don’t go for it. We’ll sneak around the back and find Lionel in the cave I think. Apply fish and cross our fingers. We’ll probably need at least 10 min for the drugs to take effect?” 

He arched an eyebrow at Evil who shrugged. “Sure! Maybe? How the hell should I know? I’m just guessing at his body weight.”


  1. NotAnotherZeroFan

    To be fair, was Murder being female even addressed/revealed in the comic proper? If not, I’d just save it for just that then, especially if you still plan to release books for all the chapters.

    Also, Murder’s name is fine as is. :)

    Not sure about your exact process but maybe have the female symbol (♀) next to her name in the script and edit it out later? May also help to keep a layer of notes for smaller details like Steven’s nails on a separate layer in the image file.

    By the way, this is advice coming from from someone who is also somewhat disorganized. :)

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Well, Steven taking the lead is somewhat noble… And highly dangerous, even for a polar bear. Here’s hoping searching Lionel’s mind yields some sort of progress!

  3. Cam

    Woohoo~ Steven~ I hope things don’t go too poorly for our unlucky bears.

    @Alison: Don’t worry, you do a lot and most people can be disorganized. I know i definitely am. This comic is just for fun, and you could always make adjustments later if you end up publishing more of them. Small details like you mentioned are easy to forget or miss. Your comics are still charming and fun as always.

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