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April 15th, 2024

Page 926

I can’t remember the last time I had a hot dog, or bought them for the kids. I know someone in cancer research and he always called those ‘cancer dogs’ and eeeked me out. Not to mention how they’re made….lol.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!


Prozac cut him off with a head lock, dragging Evil off to the side and whispering menacingly.

Steven giggled, running her paw along her new pink embroidered arm. “You little bears are mostly idiots. It is so entertaining. Thank you for including me in your lovely afternoon plan of debacle. I will enjoy this day for a long time to come, even if most of you die.”

Crack let off a slight whistling noise and Gay patted his arm again. “No problem Steven! You may join our insanity any time you’d like!” 

Hopefully as a successful buffer between them and whatever their fatal idiocy would manifest…

Sunday afternoons at the zoo quieted fast. The human visitors were gone and the keepers were tired at the end of the week. Mondays were closed for clean up and maintanence.  The bears picked their way through the detritus of a week of wandering and wasteful humans, their garbage littered everywhere. Gay rolled his eyes and grimaced at the piles of food wrappers along the walk, despite the frequent garbage cans. Murder found an overturned slush cup and was happily lapping up half congealed blue stuff. Crack gasped and pried him away, muttering about chemicals and human germs. Then he noticed all the pink nail polish and closed his eyes in defeat. Murder wriggled out of his grasp and bee-lined on a half eaten hot dog in the grass. Evil licked his lips and rushed after him. There was an angry squawk and a flurry of feathers as Gay turned Crack back onto the path, patting his arm soothingly. “Don’t worry, I have some polish remover back home. We’ll get you all back to normal and then you can go to sleep and pretend this day never happened.” 

Prozac snorted as he walked by, “Sure Gay, that’s the best way to deal with your issues…stuff ‘em deep and hope they don’t go off when you least expect.”

Gay narrowed his gaze, “Well then I guess you’d be the expert on repression.”

Prozac was quiet, his eyes flat. “Exactly.”


  1. ShennyNerd

    You wrote Murder as a he but said she was a she in the Easter art.

  2. Sterling Rodd

    Oh, that’s a hot dog! First thing I thought was that it was Evil’s TONGUE! LOL, that would have put a whole different spin on it, especially given his expression…! :D

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Don’t know who deserves the hot dog more… As for Crack’s worries, they aren’t completely unfounded. Hate to be that guy, but just because Covid-19’s pandemic is ended doesn’t mean the disease is completely gone!

  4. Cam

    Lol the art for this one is great. I hope Crack will be okay, he’s way out his comfort zone and doing wonderfully, but i worry about him.

    @Alison: If i eat hotdogs, i prefer turkey dogs. They’re usually healthier than the regular ones and, in my opinion, taste better too. Also, easier on my sensitive stomach.

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