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April 8th, 2024

Page 925

3 days ago we had like 25 cm of snow fall, lasting most of 2 days. Now it’s sunny and +12 out and all of it’s melted. Interesting weather mood swings :P


Gay waved his paw in dismissal, ”Fine. What was it, Oaf and Lummox?” He slipped his paw under Crack’s arm and guided him lion-ward, watching as Lech carefully picked up the make up kit again. Crack’s fur rippled, and then he sighed and pressed into Gay just the tiniest bit. Gay was pretty sure that shin kick had been merely a muscle spasm, but it was still the most impressive retort Crack had ever managed. Positive reinforcement! He wasn’t even bothered that Crack’s shaking managed to spill most of his bottle of Pink Pettle Power. There was more splattered on his paws than on Steven’s nails, but PROGRESS! He was hoping it would be easier to get off Murder’s feathers though.

Evil sniffed as he went by. “I thought they were called Philistine and Vulgarian. Phili’s the one that took the shin damage, right?”

Lech shouldered Evil off the path and snarled something about fancy words not dressing up a filth buffoon and Evil grinned, never one to pass up a chance at riling Lech. “I’m SORRY. Lech informs me I’m MISTAKEN. What ARE their names then, LECH the ALL-KNOWING.” 

Lech growled, likely frustrated that his arms were too full of makeup so he could hit Evil. “Ass and Hole. And you can be their little brother, Sphincter.”

Evil chuckled, “I know you’re a sphincter fan Lech. Why don’t you-“


  1. murphy

    evil being lil shit for giggles, love it.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Well, Evil is still his abrasive self… also, I sincerely hope that nail polish can get out of goose feathers, too. Mostly for Murder’s sake.

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