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May 6th, 2024

Page 929

Happy Monday! It’s showdown time!


The lionesses had dropped from the tree and ringed Steven. Their postures were aggressive, lips curling away from sharp fangs. “What are you doing here, polar bear? You are out of your element.” Another tawny cat inched forward on Steven’s bad side, snarling, “Yes. You need the water to aide your ungainly bulk. You are a plodding elephant in our domain.”  The third one circled to her other side, sniffing the air with disdain. “You smell like those bothersome little bears. What pathetic company you keep.”

Steven’s back started to round, claws grasping, when Gay’s own haughty voice rung out. “O.M.G. What a surprise! The lionesses are CATTY bitches.”  He snort laughed and Sara stood beside him, arms crossed and sneering. Lech and Cara, a step behind, dripped with sweat and apprehension, totally killing the confident bad ass vibe he was trying to create. Gay mentally rolled his eyes. Of course Lech’s bluster would fail when it was needed. And Cara’s inner monster was nowhere to be found. And now he had Sara and Steven the polar bitch as his wingwomen. Not EVER on his bingo card for life, but whatevs. Time to fake it till you maybe make it out alive.

The lionesses had slunk lower, inching closer. Gay held up a perfectly manicured paw and they paused. Shit, maybe he could do this. “Ladies, don’t you ever get BORED with this place, your seclusion, that dipshit male in the cave who gets the best cut of meat simply because penis?”

Cara stifled a giggle behind him. For effen’ sake, woman.


  1. Murphy

    Never expected hear gay say the word because penis.

  2. ShennyNerd


  3. NotAnotherZeroFan

    Kind of hoping Gay’s bluff works because it would honestly be kind of cool if the ended up with the lionesses on their side too.

    …Totally not saying that just because I like cats… nope, not at all… >v>;

  4. Todd Maccarone

    Well, this certainly looks… Concerning. Please don’t have Steven get hurt even more! Poor thing has suffered enough!

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