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March 18th, 2024

Page 923

Amazingly, the twins will be 13 (13!!) in June. This weekend, I asked Owen to move the load of wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. He remembered to clean out the lint trap!!! I feel like there’s slow, but actual progress to reliability and eventual adulthood! He also forgot to TURN ON the dryer so I found the cold, wet, smelly clothes a couple hours later… So baby step forward, big freaking fall back on his butt :(


1 hour and 1 uncomfortable tea party later…

Steven hauled herself over the top bar of the polar pool, with Gay riding on her shoulder. Lech let out a huge sigh of relief as Gay slid down Steven’s side and safely landed on the walkway, dry, intact, and smiling. Lech’s feet danced in place with impatience until Gay was settled, then he surged forward and wrapped the yellow bear into a big hug. Gay smiled as his feet left the ground. 

“Lech, I enjoy the enthusiasm, but that was the easy part.” Lech breathed on his neck and Gay shivered. “None of this is easy, Gay.”

Steven’s big paw clamped on Lech’s scruff and hauled him away. “Not now Blue, Gay needs to put on my new arm. We must look our best for a girl’s night with lions!”

Steven looked excited, while Lech was making that squinty confused face again, with a touch of apprehension perhaps. He wasn’t used to having to look up at another animal and Gay knew that was harming his …maleness. “So…you’re all on board with this fiasco?” 

Steven’s brows rose and Gay glared at Lech, fists on hips and lip curling. Lech caught the look and quickly amended his statement: “So you’re all on board with this cutting and insightful PLAN?”


  1. Kath McGill

    You need to be specific with instructions .
    He did do what you asked. Moved the wet cloths from the washer to the dryer.
    To remove the musty smell use white vinegar instead of fabric softener.

    Congrats for their 13th birthday.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Oh, boy… Steven is all in on this. I can only imagine how crazy things will go from here… Still, glad to see she’s taking it all in stride!

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