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March 25th, 2024

Page 924

Spring is coming slowly, we had some heat, some really sunny days in a very warm winter, and then a solid week of cold drizzle/snow. blah. Hope everyone else is having a nicer Monday :)

Steven is having an interesting day at least…


Steven snorted and Gay rolled his eyes. Evil was hanging over the bar and enjoying the show, happy to pummel everyone with his observations: “Why Lech! I thought you called this shit show in progress a “horrendous and abominable debacle that will get at least two thirds of us killed and/or lightly maimed”, and that Gay was insane to think this would work, and Prozac was obviously brain addled beyond functioning to let this proceed.”

Crickets, silence, and Sara trying and failing to hold in her snickering. Lech’s mouth hung open and Prozac slowly turned his baleful glare at Evil, but Gay burst out laughing. “O.M.G. Nice try Evil, but I’m well aware most of that isn’t in Lech’s vocabulary.”

Lech spluttered, working out how to feel about Gay’s defence AND denigration of his character/intellect within the same sentence. Gay patted his arm and smirked at Evil. It was transparent character assassination and standard Evilery, and everyone’s tension level had dropped a bit in the aftermath. A little bit of normalcy on a whirlwind day with an unknown outcome. Evil winked in response, and slid the rest of the way over the bar, scooped up his fanny pack, and belted it around his waist with a flourish.

Unfortunately, his ploy didn’t work on Crack who jerked by on stiff legs. Murder plodded proudly in front and Crack seemed to be following the bird in a slightly dazed state.

Gay watched him in sympathy. Crack had held up pretty well in the type of situation that would have previously rendered him catatonic, perhaps. He’d clutched his goose in terror when confronted with Steven, then turned to find two more hulking bears behind him, wide, fangy grins dripping with saliva. In a show of stupendous courage, he’d shrieked and kicked Dolt in the shin. Or maybe it was Clod. Whatever. Couldn’t be bothered to remember which was which.

“Or their actual names, apparently.” Prozac’s flat gaze landed on Gay, a flicker of crazy glinting below his thickening brows. Gay blinked. Perhaps it was time to move this along before Prozac lost the rest of his cool.


  1. murphy

    Ribbiing Lech intellect, that’s cute, have fun here.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Well, this page is precious. Surprised Prozac hasn’t lost his cool yet… but I know that won’t last forever!

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