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March 11th, 2024

Page 922

Happy Monday to one and all!

Down to the last 10 pages to pencil on (one) of my current contracts. Love productive weeks and hitting milestones :D


Then Prozac lost his patience and just chucked Crack over the fence and into the polar pool. Murder squawked in outrage and flew after him. Lech shifted the cosmetics case to his other shoulder and pouted. “I wanted to do that.” Sara shouldered by him and started to climb the railing. “Shut up pack animal. You should be seen and not heard.” Cara snorted at her sister, “Rude.” Evil left his fanny pack with the fish and clambered up the railing. “Last one down gets to do Steven’s nails!” And he dove smoothly off the top rung, while managing to direct a vulgar gesture Lech’s way as he went. Lech spluttered and growled, “Not fair! I can’t get Gay’s make up purse wet!” 

Gay rubbed a soothing paw on Lech’s arm. “Can you stay up here and watch all our stuff?” He pulled out a swath of shining pink silk from his kit and folded it gently into a plastic bag. This latest ‘arm’ was formed with tiny, nearly invisible stitches, and hand embroidered with ivory petals and vines along one edge. It was painstaking and gorgeous and Gay had laboured for many headachy hours, putting in perfect, exacting patterns. Even Lech breathed a sigh of appreciation. “Gay, that’s beautiful.” He kissed Gay’s brow and ruffled his hair. Gay mock growled and smoothed his fur back, blushing a little. “It is, Steven will be putty in my paws. And a fantastic buffer to any lioness aggression.”

Lech frowned and wrapped his arm around Gay’s shoulders. “I don’t like this plan. I don’t like that you’re the distraction. I mean, I’m fine if Sara gets mauled. But Prozac will be sad if Cara gets hurt, and if you….” He trailed off and swallowed, his face apprehensive. Gay patted Lech’s chest, and then gently pushed him back. “This was my idea, I’m seeing it through. And if they eat me, you and Evil will avenge my masticated remains.” Lech growled something like ‘Not funny’ but he lifted Gay up over the railing and watched him start to climb down the rock wall. No use in getting wet and ruining your silk bow tie if you didn’t have to.


  1. murphy

    D’aaaw lech actually cares for Gay, they’re actually somewhat healthy relationship!

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Jeez… You’re actually making this relationship between Gay and Lech too good! But Lech is fittingly concerned with Gay’s well-being. This is some quality stuff here!

  3. Xen

    Random question but sometime in the future do you ever plan on posting / making an archive for old vote incentives? Theres so many I would love to see (and that I can add to my own little bearnuts album on my gallery lol) :)

  4. Nicole

    They are so sweet together!

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