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March 4th, 2024

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Happy Monday! I almost had to go into the city court house today for a jury pool summons and thank all the Gods it got cancelled. Downtown is maybe 30 away by car but not sure how long it would take in rush hour as I’ve worked from home for over a decade now… maybe an hour by bus? The notice said I had to be there by 8:30 am and they don’t pay for parking. No info about how long it would take other than it would likely be a day, maybe up to a week (and this is just the selection process!) I work at the dojo at 4 on Mondays so nice to let me know wether I need to switch shifts or something, not to mention losing a whole work day, and everything about it was stressing me OUT. And then I got an email saying never mind, the day was ‘cancelled completely.’ Yay! but my name was going back in the pool. Boo. So this Monday could have been WAY worse, lol.


Lech made that face he does when he’s confused…so his usual face. “Can bears GET scurvy?”

Gay smirked at Lech, “I’m sure YOU could manage it. Just pile it on with all the other “conditions” you acquire.”

Prozac’s brows lowered and he interrupted the inevitable Lech back lash. “Save the flirting for after the mission please.” Crack gagged again. Cara giggled. Sara, arms full of wrapped, and starting to smell, fish, merely rolled her eyes. Evil, trailing along behind with a fanny pack full of intoxicants, stayed uncharacteristically quiet.

Prozac took a few more steps, then spoke in a quieter voice. “Simple is fine too, Gay. We’re a bit spoiled these days. That’s something we should start to pull away from.”

Gay looked over in surprise. “What? What is that supposed to mean?”

But Prozac looked inscrutable and stopped by the large exhibit sign. “Oh look, here we are. Polar bears.” His hands tightened around Crack who suddenly jerked, trying to escape again. Murder squawked as he got squeezed. Prozac hissed at Crack to be quiet, that they’d been through this already and he had nothing to fear. Steven wouldn’t hurt him and they’d keep him away from the lionesses to the best of their ability and they needed his help in the mind scape and blah, blah, blah. Gay had already heard the appeal last night, and twice this morning. That Crack hadn’t just passed out and gone to his happy place was probably a minor miracle and Prozac could deal with that. He had to bargain with Steven, and then hopefully keep a pride of arrogant lionesses occupied long enough for the others to dose Lionel and pump him for information. Yes, today would be trial indeed, but it was more or less his plan and he was determined to succeed.


  1. ShennyNerd

    Beautiful faces

  2. Kath McGill

    Hang on, can’t you tell them you have young children and ask for an exemption?

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Nice face designs. Also, distracting an entire pride of lionesses? Good luck with that, Gay!

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