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February 26th, 2024

Page 920

Happy Monday everyone!  In talks to start on a THIRD comic series because I’m crazy. But this is just a short 20 page book, in an IP that’s cute and right up my alley, and I wanted to diversify a little since most of my comic work has all been with one publisher…and I’m crazy :D


But the dig about available closet space could not go unanswered. “My make up collection is more important than your tattered pile of dirty magazines.” Lech’s jaw clenched but Gay cut him off, “Yes, I had more than enough for my needs, but things change. I noticed my ‘Luscious Fuchsia’ nail polish kept disappearing after Vanity arrived. Then the girls stormed in and depleted more of my selection, and now Steven, who by far has the biggest claws, wants a different colour every week to go with her latest sock arm.” He cradled the plate of cookies he was carrying in his left arm so he could hold up his right paw and wiggle the digits. “By the way, sewing all those giant socks is making my paws stiffen up. I’ll have arthritis before any of you ungrateful jerks and you’ll have to do ALL the cooking yourselves.”

Crack, who was carrying his goose clutched tightly in his arms, made a gagging noise from behind them. Prozac, who was carrying Crack, snorted. “You know most of us are more than willing to help you out in the kitchen. It’s your choice to be both a control freak, AND a martyr.”

Gay pointed his nose up in disdain. “Oh sure, if we all want to be regularly poisoned or starve. Or eat nutritionally devoid crap like that bread and become vitamin deficient and get scurvy or something.” Though that crap bread had seemed to soak up the rest of the espresso swimming in his belly. The jittery edge was wearing off and he was still functional. He wondered where his limit was, would one more pot have put him into Death and coffee territory?


  1. Cam

    Oh yea, Death’s short-term coffee addiction. I can relate. I can imagine a shirt with him on it saying, “Death before decaf”. Lol

    @Alison: You keep on crazy lady, just don’t overwhelm yourself.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Death and coffee… now, there’s a call-back. Also, Steven using up some of Gay’s make-up supply oddly makes sense.

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