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February 19th, 2024

Page 919

Happy holiday Monday to all it applies. We’re starting off on a Gay lead adventure. I am SURE he’s accounted for all contingencies :D


Lech huffed and grumbled and shifted Gay’s make up kit to his other shoulder. “Why is this so HEAVY?”  He looked side long at Gay and gave a long, resigned, and entirely too dramatic sigh. “You got more, didn’t you? I thought we agreed you didn’t need any more because 1, you don’t neeeeeed any more, and 2, we don’t have the space.”

Gay tried really hard not to roll his eyes. In this glorious, and too-bright morning, Lech didn’t deserve it. When he found out that Gay had been up all night, he wrangled Nerd to help make breakfast and managed a respectable spread of runny eggs and slightly over done bacon. Using Gay’s bread machine was beyond him, and out of bounds anyway to nearly all of Gay’s idiot siblings/cell mates due to past calamities, so he and Evil had swaggered their way into the aviary and stolen whatever bread they could find so Gay could have his morning toast and marmalade. It was cheap, bleached, white bread instead of multi-grain rye, but Gay appreciated their efforts, and appreciated even more when Nerd whispered the actual story of the Great Bread Heist of This Morning: they’d traded the birds some crackers and not one feather was ruffled. Gay snickered. The Team Lecherous Evil of old probably would have kicked every bird present in the head, stolen ALL the bread, and eaten at least one pigeon. Gay figured it was his sterling influence that tempered all that misplaced male aggression. Much better for all of them to get along, like the in roads made with Steven, which would hopefully soon pay off big time.


  1. murphy

    lech is malewife to gay now…I’m extremely okay with this
    he’s carrying his makeup!

  2. Nicole

    Awww…they’re maturing! <3

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Aw! The bears have buddies with the polars and the birds; how mature and sweet. Still, something tells me that the birds are gonna be pains later on…

  4. Kaouse

    Gay should take it as a compliment. He’s saying that Gay doesn’t need to put on makeup to be pretty and attractive.

  5. Cam

    Aww, Evil and Lech are becoming more mature. I guess they’re finally learning from their mistakes instead of doubling down.

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