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February 12th, 2024

Page 918

Awwww, look at Sara and Gay getting along! How long will it last?? :D

Having trouble remembering to social media (mostly because I can’t post work stuff, at least until it’s out) but I DO have an Instagram account, and a barely used Blue Sky, and I thought I’d post some of Jim’s work for fun, and because his colours are SOOOO much better than mine and more people should see them (and our friend Nick always creates amazing pencils and I love looking at their stuff together, good team working!)
We’ll see if Gay and Sara can teamwork so well…


At least he hoped that was how it would be interpreted. He’d really just lost his train of thought and started thinking about espresso again. He was really sleepy, but also manic, and kind of nervous, and appalled he didn’t think to stop the bucket plan in its tracks. How ridiculously antagonistic and unhelpful- Sara thwacked the back of his head and he stuttered back to present. He gave her the snootiest look he could produce at the moment, then noticed Cara looking at him weird. She pointed a paw at him,  “Gay looks constipated.”

Sara snorted, and re-tied his bow tie for him. He looked down, aghast. When had it got so unravelled?? How uncouth. She side-eyed Prozac, “We’re going to kill them with kindness. We’ve had some recent success with that.” Then she slumped and rubbed her eyes. “Kind of pathetic how long it took us to come up with it.”

Cara made her way over, wrapped up in the blanket and wet fur plastered over her face. She patted her sister on the head and used her best patronizing voice. “No worries sis, you’re rarely pathetic. Petty on the other hand…” Sara shrugged away, then pulled the blanket over Cara’s head and started drying her off. “I EXCEL at petty.”

Prozac sat back on his haunches and pushed his wet fur back. “Details please. Then breakfast. And then the better details once we’ve gone over and discarded your ridiculous plan A.”

Gay jumped up and twirled. “There’s only plan A! Polar bears!

Prozac groaned and went back to bed.


  1. NotAnotherZeroFan

    So, I don’t know how concerned you are about AI stuff, but if you are I’d recommend not using Instagram anymore. Facebook either since they’re both under the same company.

    They recently released an image generator that’s trained on reportedly 1.1 billion images from both sites.

    Just figured I warn you as a fellow artist.

  2. Sterling Rodd

    I keep thinking how good that pose would look on a shirt. Especially if the figures were full length. :)

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Glad to see nothing violent happened here… But involving the polar bears in any scheme with the lions seems like a dangerous plan!

  4. Nicole

    Gay and Sara are so cute!!

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