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February 5th, 2024

Page 917

Happy Monday everyone! Supposed to get up to plus 6 in temp by this weekend. Weirdest/mildest Feb I can ever remember.


Sara rolled her eyes, then gently balanced the empty bucket on her sister’s head. “What, did you guys stay up ALL NIGHT sexing? Gross.” 

Prozac was rubbing his face with one hand, seemingly still not having noticed that Gay was turning purple. Sara pushed at his shoulder and growled at him, “Let go you big dolt, I still need Gay’s help. He’s got more nail polish than I do.”

Prozac stepped back in surprise, his fist unlocking and dumping Gay to the floor. He landed hard on his rump and squeaked indignantly. Prozac squatted down to eye level and tilted his head, yawning. “Sorry Gay, but what the HELL?”

Sara pulled Gay to his feet and rounded on Prozac. She had puffy bags under her eyes and her usually pressed skirt was wrinkled and grubby. They really had been up all night, and not for fun times under the covers. She was kind of pissed and more confrontational than usual, which was something all right. Gay stifled a giggle, but Prozac still caught the motion and narrowed his eyes. Gay promptly sat up and saluted. “Oh fearless leader! You charged us with a mission and we’ve been up all night trying to figure out a plan!” Sara rolled her eyes, Gay tired-giggled and plowed on. “We toiled ALL NIGHT! We managed to come up with a workable plan AND re-organized my accessories closet! We will-“ and here he paused for dramatic effect. 


  1. T-Shaw

    What plan?

  2. murphy

    made plan before or after reorganize whole closet?

  3. Todd Maccarone

    I relate to this page more than I expected to, but only because everyone looks like they got no sleep last night. That’s been a real problem lately at my place…

  4. Nicole

    @Todd: Sorry to hear that. I hope it improves for you!

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