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January 8th, 2024

Page 913

ProHulk is back :D   Haven’t gotten to draw oversized characters in awhile and I feel out of practice.


Prozac yanked every cord he could find from the wall and everything went quiet. He clapped his paws together and plastered on his favourite fake “everything is fine, nothing is wrong’ smile. “Let’s do this the old fashioned way!” Then he dropped the smile and bulged up twice his height in one quick shudder, his voice dropping to a deep growl, “You all shut up and listen to me tell you what to do.”

The couch was sufficiently cowed so Prozac plowed on. His diction suffered when his fangs grew, and most of his audience were idiots, so he kept it short. “We’re drugging the fish and giving it to Lionel. Me, Evil, and Crack are going to mind scape him and see what he knows.” 

He ignored Crack’s yelp and pointed at Gay and Sara. “You two, distract the lionesses.” They both jerked, then stared at each other in horror. Prozac ignored them. “Death and Gimp will be on standby. For help, or first aid if you fuck up and get mauled.” Now Cara was looking at him like he had two heads, whatever. “This is the one lead we have at the moment so we need to know if there’s anything to this, or the monkeys were lying to us.” Lech’s brow furrowed but Prozac ignored this too. “We don’t know yet what happened to the wart hogs, but the lions are definitely capable of ripping them apart.”


  1. Cam

    @Alison: Out of practice? I’d say this is the most terrifying he’s ever looked, you did great!

    I don’t think the lions are the culprits but Lionel definitely knows something. He will very likely hold their next clue.

  2. Nicole

    OMG, tiny Nerd looking up at giant Prozac is so cute!!!

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