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January 15th, 2024

Page 914

Cara cares carefully :)
(and happy 70th birthday mom!!)


Nerd was off to the side, unconsciously shielding himself with his lap top and Prozac’s lip curled as he snarled in irritation. He didn’t REALLY like when his family was afraid of him, but it was often…facilitating. Of course, Nerd misunderstood and cowered further, but peeked around the computer and stammered. “Um, considering the zoo video feeds of that area were deleted for the night in question…do we think the lions are capable of that too?”

Prozac’s head brushed the ceiling as he contemplated. He snorted in surprise, not realizing he’d grown that much. His shoulders spanned 4 times his normal size and the contents of the couch were now behind the couch, hoping to put something between themselves and the hulking beast he’d inadvertently changed into. He tried to sigh but it came out a growl. His instincts in this form trended towards tearing things apart instead of diplomacy and it was hard to pull himself back to a calmer state. Then a waft of cooked meat and garlic hit his extra sensitive nostrils and he turned to find Cara standing on Evil’s shoulders so she could hold a plate up to his head level. She’d made him a sandwich, or rather Gay probably had, but she’d heated it up and brought it out. His ancient animal brain dinged on ‘female’ and ‘food’ and a hefty does of possessiveness which made him cringe internally, but it calmed that side of him faster than he normally could. He shrank down quicker than anyone would expect and Cara wobbled in surprise and tipped over. 


  1. murphy

    Cara is good for prozac!

  2. Todd Maccarone

    So, all it takes to cool down Prozac’s beast side is a sandwich and seeing Cara… hopefully. Glad to see that he can still keep control, to a point. Nerd does raise a point, though- I doubt the lions could mess with the cameras… But I bet the monkeys know what’s going on! Wouldn’t surprise me if they were behind everything…

  3. Cam

    Happy Birthday Alison’s Mom!!!

    I knew Prozac got more animalistic in this form, but i thought that was more mood and physical, didn’t realize he also became more instinctual.

  4. Sterling Rodd

    Aside from Gay, Evil’s just about the last guy I’d have expect to have p… um… that on the brain. :)

  5. Nicole

    Awww…Cara and Evil got it right. <3

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