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January 1st, 2024

Page 912

Happy New Year to all!
From my family to yours, wishing everyone a warm and welcome 2024 full of friends and family and fulfillment :D
Prozac is also choosing optimism today…


Prozac blinked. Contemplated violence. Took a deep breath instead. 

He whirled back toward Nerd and motioned to the TV. Nerd was staring as dumbfounded as the rest and took a second to clue in. He pointed the remote and pressed buttons and something went wrong and there was much cursing under his breath and mutters about screen refresh rates and other things that Prozac didn’t care about.

He pitched his voice louder, practically snapping at the room. “OK! Profound questions on the universe and nature and all of our places within it aside, let’s get back on track.”

Nerd finally got the next slide up and Prozac was dismayed to see their careful planning session was just a dense wall of text.

Confused faces turned and shrugged at each other and Lech threw popcorn at the screen. “Booo! Why’s there no pictures?!” He turned quickly on Sara, pop corn locked and loaded. “Don’t bother pointing out how juvenile I am, you’d prefer pictures too!”

Sara didn’t bother to answer, crossing her arms and huffing. Vanity put his paw up and screeched his preference for more art, less reading, so Lech threw pop corn at him instead. Tanked lunged to eat it off the ground…before anyone else would? His bowl wasn’t even empty yet. The inevitable “everyone’s better than Lech” refrain started up, loud enough to drown out he map song. Nerd looked about ready to bash his lap top to bits, and Evil was standing in the corner and staring at the wall, Crack’s goose sitting on his foot. 

But there still hadn’t been any blood loss so Prozac counted this as one of the more successful family meetings.


  1. TekServer

    Happy New Year to Alison and family, and to all my fellow readers!

  2. Cam

    @Alison: Happy New Year!

    Poor Evil, contemplating himself and shocked he admitted to making a mistake.

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