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December 11th, 2023

Page 910

Almost Christmas!! And yesterday got to +4 degrees and all the gorgeous snow frosted trees melted and the trails are mud :(

Get XMAS TEES/SWEATS/CARDS/ART from Studio Dooomcat :D


Evil’s face scrunched and he huffed out an annoyed breath. Prozac was prepared to cut off a tirade of self-righteous indignation but Evil slumped and grew quiet. He sawed his lip against his left fang and started to wring his paws. He stared at the floor, avoiding eye contact and acting like…well, definitely NOT like Evil. Prozac’s ears came up, curious and focused. He stepped up to Evil and leaned down, trying to catch his red rimmed eye.

Then Evil twitched and seemed to recover some of his usual smugness. He rolled his eyes and twirled away from Prozac, twining his claws behind his back and puffing his chest. “Ok. I agree that my earlier plan to extract information from Lionel was…hasty. Perhaps not well conceived in terms of the…the aftermath…” He dwindled out and started to droop again, and Prozac suddenly felt anxious. This was not the usual Evil and he didn’t really like seeing Evil so unsure of himself? Which was itself an off putting emotion. Normally he would have thought Evil needed to be brought down a peg or 3, repeatedly. That they would all benefit from a more regulated Evil. Everything about this day was just turning out worse than he could have thought.

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