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December 4th, 2023

Page 909

The twins participated in a grappling tournament at my dojo on the weekend, for a light weight group of tiny blue and purple belts :) Evan needs some more work on sore losing: his final battle was against Owen and it was close so he feels cheated. Then Owen had to go right into the final and got arm barred but he put up a good fight and fought off the other kid’s first attempt. An interesting experience in general for them as they’re not super competitive (other than their own internal squabbling) or sporty. Meanwhile Sam is getting life experience volunteering at a Christmas tree farm on Sundays from 9-4. Yes kid, work can be HARD.  :D

Christmas sales on at the tee shops! Check out Neatorama for the biggest selection of my art, or Teepublic where more designs get taken down for DMCs… :( but they have a larger selection of products you can print on.


His expression was flat, closed off and cold, like usual, but his fingers twitched slightly and his ears flattened a little more as Prozac watched. The room slowly grew silent as everyone noticed. Crack and Murder huddled down together, the goose’s wings enfolding the quivering bear. Nerd peered from behind his remote, held in front of his face like a shield. Evil side stepped behind a lamp and ushered Vanity behind him. The couch crew sat, Lech the last to catch on (surprise, surprise…) The large blue bear thumped his butt down clumsily, perhaps with help, and started to chew on his lower lip. He obviously wanted to blurt out some inane or offensive observation but Gay’s fingers on his arm were slowly tightening and Prozac watched the silent battle with interest.  

Then Nerd broke the tension with his music cue, a lively (too loud) repetition of the theme music from Tanked’s favourite kid’s show. Death sat down, the couch erupted in stifled groaning and Tanked started to clap enthusiastically. The honking started up again; apparently Tanked wasn’t the only fan of ‘that infernal map song’.

Prozac gave Death a small smirk of acknowledgement, then waved at Nerd to lower the volume. “SO. Our dubious intel of dubious origin and more than dubious method of extraction (a narrow eyed glare at Evil) tells us that the lions, or perhaps just their king, know more about what’s going on than we do. Maybe.”

At this Prozac turned fully to glare at Evil. “Your well thought out plan from before didn’t exactly settle any of those questions for us.” 

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