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November 27th, 2023

Page 908

Happy late Thanksgiving to all my US friends and family!

Check out the Cyber Monday sales at Teepublic for Christmas apparel/cards/gifts from Studio Dooomcat! I feel like making new designs in Tanked’s style :D


Prozac frowned at Nerd. “We should have a talk about what you’re letting him watch, these are a bit extreme.”

Nerd wordlessly clicked again and the next image was a close up of Prozac smiling happily and surrounded by hearts and stars and cute little birds. Cara laughed and Tanked peered at him under half closed eyes with a sly little grin. Prozac’s eyebrows rose.

Lech’s flexing and man spreading was apparently getting out of hand as the rest of the couch was degrading into a yelling and shoving match. Prozac watched in a detached way, not noticing the unconscious twitching of his right eye, or Cara inching closer with a placating paw. It really did amaze him that their little unhinged family ever collectively achieved anything. Perhaps without him they’d all have killed each other off a long time ago. At least then, it would be quiet.

As Prozac was contemplating the least disruptive way to regain all their attention (and not leave himself a disgruntled mess for the rest of the day) Death stood up. 

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