Page 911
December 18th, 2023

Page 911

1 week till Christmas! Most of the snow has melted. Last year was the first time the Rideau Canal didn’t freeze enough to get opened as one of the world’s longest skating rinks. It was always an integral part of Ottawa’s winter festivals. I expect this year will be even warmer.

TEXT: (not much of it this week as more of a comic hybrid update cause I missed doing more interaction bits :)

Evil was starring at the ceiling now, back stiff and paws clenched tightly. “I can…can admit that I…made a…mistake.”

Prozac’s jaw dropped and the room went silent. Again. Everyone starred at Evil and that infuriating map song re-started with no one noticing.

Then Crack broke the quiet with a high pitched shriek- his emergency alarm frequency catching everyone off guard.

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